Youngsters will be ashamed to see this avatar of Shahrukh Khan from ‘Pathan’, who will say that SRK is 56 in 8-pack abs

Actor Shahrukh Khan rarely posts much on social media these days. And when he does, it is mostly about his upcoming projects. His one post is enough to make his fans even more excited. The actor has now shared a shirtless picture from his film ‘Pathan’. His eight-pack abs show how hard he has worked to make himself look his best in long, dark hair. Sharing Shahrukh’s poetry photo on Instagram, Shahrukh wrote a message for his missing shirt, ‘ Me to my shirt today ‘How would you have been if you were…. You would be surprised at this. How much would you have laughed at this… If you were there, it would have happened… I am also waiting for Pathan.’

Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh then SaathSiddharth Anand’s directorial ‘Pathan’ also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. Talking about the promotions surrounding the film, Sidharth had said last month, “Every announcement of Pathan is like showing a piece of an epic puzzle before the eyes of the fans and the audience, which lasts till the day of our release. We want Pathan to become a topic of discussion because fortunately, we have the content to generate that discussion.

Shahrukh Khan’s silver, know-how ‘Jawan’ earned crores of rupees even before its release. Dunky’. It has been shot in India, Spain and many more locations and after films like ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Chennai Express’, the hit pair of Shah Rukh and Deepika are back again. Pathan is set to release in theaters on January 25 next year.

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