Why Waheeda Rehman never kept a Hindu name? I vowed not to wear a short dress, used to work on these conditions

The custom of changing one’s name in Bollywood after being a part of the Hindi film industry is quite old. Many times actors and actresses changed their screen names for the pan India audience. Akshay Kumar, Dilip Kumar and many other celebrities have changed their names. However, Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman is also one of these actresses, who was advised to change her name but Waheeda did not agree to this and she went ahead with the same name. Not only this, Waheeda Rehman broke many such chains that had become a trend for everyone else. Was fond In an earlier interview, Waheeda can be seen talking about changing her name during her initial days in the film industry. Waheeda said, ‘Because we don’t like your name.

Why didn’t I ask him? He said, ‘First thing because it is too long Waheeda-Rehman. It should be more modern. Something sexy and juicy.’ I said brother what is the name sexy and juicy? ‘No, it is customary here like Madhubala, Nimmi, Nargis, Meena Kumari. We don’t like it. How do we call you Waheeda Rehman?’ I said, ‘Didi, why do you need to call me Waheeda Rehman? Just call me Waheeda. She further said, ‘I said, ‘I am sorry if you do not like my name because I like it very much, which my parents gave me. I won’t change it. My Telugu and Tamil movies have been hits. And I used Waheeda Rehman there too. He never opposed it. He said it was a different matter. ‘Who knows you in the Hindi field? It must be Bala or Bali… I said no, I don’t like it either. I just like mine.’ In an interview, Waheeda also said that she did not even have to wear a blue lens. At that time there was a time to do this but he refused to do so.

Even on the deep neck blouse, Rehman said during a session, ‘When I was new in the industry, I was a very stubborn girl. It was because I knew what I wanted and hence it surprised many that I wanted to work on my terms and conditions. Another thing special about Waheeda Rehman is that at that time there was a lot of craze for deep neck blouses. Heroines used to wear it because there were only a few things that had to be done for glamour. But Waheeda even refused to wear it. She used to wear clothes of her own accord.

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