When Jackie Chan used to cook food for Sonu Sood at 12:30 pm, the actor narrated an interesting anecdote

Sonu Sood and Jackie Chan were seen in the film ‘Kung Fu Yoga’. Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur and Chinese actor Arif Rehman were also seen on screen in this movie which came in the year 2017. It was full of action, adventure and comedy. Well, coming to the point. Sonu Sood and Jackie Chan are both amazing actors and human beings too. Where Sonu Sood helped people in lockdown and got their blessings. At the same time, Jackie Chan has also proved himself a good man in the eyes of the people by helping the actor. The proof of this has been given by Sonu Sood, the messiah of the people himself. He has told a story. In an interview, Sonu Sood revealed that he woke up in the night and cooked food for him and his friends. Recalling the time spent with Jackie, he told in an interview to Mashable India, ‘It was a great experience with him. I used to have a fine tuning sit with him. Jackie is a down to earth person. He used to bring packets of fruits on the sets. He would feed it to light man, spot boy and actors and he would sit on the ground himself. Say and eat.

Sonu Sood: Hundreds of people reach Sonu Sood with pleas even today, will motivate the actor’s way of helpRanveer Singh: Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran advised Ranveer – Jackie Chan in Karat not to take tension, not to give knowledge Used to cook food, Sonu further explains that Jackie himself used to say to cook food in the night, ‘He used to say at night that I will cook food for you. I had a friend with me. Jackie Chan cooked food for all of us in a kitchen that was not very big. He was wearing shorts and a vest. My friend couldn’t believe that it’s 12:30 and 1 PM, and we’re hungry so Jackie Chan is cooking for us. Not only this, if you leave food on the plate, he will ask you first and then finish eating it later. Meaning that Jackie does not even throw food.

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