Vikrant Rona Vs Ek Villain Returns Box Office Second Weekend Collection On Sunday 7th August 2022

The desolation of the box office is not taking its name. While no film was released in Hindi cinemas this Friday, the condition of both ‘Ek Villain Returns’ and ‘Vikrant Rona’ released last week is very bad. On Sunday, both the films have traveled to their second weekend. Directed by Mohit Suri, Ek Villain Returns has earned only Rs 36.88 crore in 10 days, while Kicha Sudeep’s film is not doing well either. It has been 11 days since Kiccha Sudeep’s ‘Vikrant Rona’ released and the film has so far collected just Rs 71.65 crore at the Indian box office. However, one thing is for sure that after the second weekend, ‘Vikrant Rona’ has earned almost twice as much as ‘Ek Villain Returns’. But the condition of this film in Hindi is very bad.

It is interesting that Vikrant Rona has received a lot of praise, but in terms of earnings, this film has not been able to show much in any other than its native language Kannada. Kiccha Sudeep’s film has earned only Rs 9.7 crore in 11 days from the Hindi version. The condition is that despite the weekend on Sunday, the film has earned only Rs 72 lakh at the box office from the Hindi version. The film did a business of Rs 2.63 crore in Kannada on Sunday. While the earnings figures in Tamil and Telugu are worse than Hindi. Yes, one thing is for sure that this film has touched the figure of 90 crores worldwide in 11 days. That is, it will definitely earn 100 crores worldwide.

Vikrant Rona’s collections in all languages ​​First week – Rs 64.26 crore Friday – Rs 1.25 crore Saturday – Rs 2.69 crore Sunday – Rs 3.45 crore Total earnings – Rs 71.65 crore Talking about Ek Villain Returns, Arjun Kapoor, John Abraham, Disha Patani and Tara Sutaria Even the stardom of this film could not save it. Much to the dismay of the audience, director Mohit Suri is being accused of ruining the 2014 original film by making a sequel. The film did a business of Rs 2.75 crore at the box office on Sunday. Whereas a day earlier on Saturday, it did a business of Rs 2 crore. ‘Ek Villain Returns’ has earned Rs 6.25 crore in the second weekend. In this way, the total earning of this film has become Rs 36.88 crore in 10 days.

Ek Villain Returns Box Office DetailsWeek 1 – Rs 30.63 Cr Friday – Rs 1.50 CrSaturday – Rs 2.00 CrSunday – Rs 2.75 Cr Total Earning – Rs 36.88 Cr in Hindi Recent Week 1 – Rs 8.05 crore Friday – Rs 35 lakhSaturday – Rs 58 lakhSunday – Rs 72 lakhTotal Earnings – Rs 9.7 Crore Strong Advance Bookings of ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ and ‘Raksha Bandhan’ for both ‘Vikrant Rona’ and ‘Ek Villain Returns’ at the box office For four days. This is because two big Bollywood films ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ and ‘Raksha Bandhan’ are releasing on Friday. While there is a demand for boycott of both these films on social media, both the films have shown strength in advance booking. Aamir Khan’s ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ has earned Rs 5 crore from advance booking in three days. This recent release is more than the advance booking of any film. While Akshay Kumar’s ‘Raksha Bandhan’ has also done advance booking of Rs 3 crore.

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