Vijay Varma: Vijay Verma’s girlfriend used to give 5000 a month, now Pakistani girls are proposing for marriage

Vijay Varma has been in the limelight since his recent film ‘Darlings’. It has become one of his biggest films. Vijay is a seasoned artist and his fans are very happy to see him grow. The actor recently opened up about getting marriage offers from Pakistan, France and Canada. Now, he talks about navigating financially in a relationship. In a new video, Vijay reveals to take 5000 monthly from a girl whom he once dated. 5000 a month girl, during the video, the actor (Vijay Varma) also revealed how awkward it can be for him to pay bills on a date. ‘There were girls who used to give money for me…that girl used to give me Rs 5000…that too for a month.’

Broken Vijay The actor also said that he was ‘broken’ during most of their dating. Earlier in September, Vijay had said that the online hatred he had received for his character Hamza in ‘Darlings’ has now given way to marriage proposals for him. After sharing one of his clips on Instagram, he shared screenshots of some marriage proposals that came in his DM. However, in Vijay Varma’s new video, the actor talks about his ‘tragic’ dating.

Vijay Varma: After ‘Darlings’ I feel scared of myself, want to get away from that role- Vijay Varma’s creepy talk about dating Vijay’s actor in a new video shared by online dating app ‘Bumble India’ Talking about love life, where he said, ‘It’s very sad because in most of my dating I was broken.’ When Vijay was asked whether he thinks about pre-marriage agreements, he said, ‘I think it is a very wise thing to do.’

Vijay Varma On Boycott: Actor Vijay Varma on Bollywood’s Boycott – Now the water is flowing above his head! And so was Roshan Mathew. The film released on Netflix on August 5. Apart from ‘Mirzapur 3’, Vijay’s next film also includes ‘Dahad’ with Sonakshi Sinha, a Netflix film with Kareena Kapoor and Jaideep Ahlawat.

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