Vicky Kaushal’s father, who has fought cancer, said – I had decided to jump from the third floor in the hospital

Vicky Kaushal’s father and stunt director Sham Kaushal has recently made a disclosure. In an interview, the director told that he was diagnosed with cancer in September 2003. Sham said that he complained of stomach ache while returning from Ladakh after shooting for Lakshya. When he reached Nanavati Hospital, his surgery was done.

Shamshad, who had been in the hospital for 50 days, told the Times of India in an interview, “I was unconscious. I had an infection in my stomach. The doctors cut a piece of my stomach and sent it for examination. After this, the cancer was detected in the test. It happened. I didn’t know whether I would be able to live or not. I didn’t share this with anyone. I returned to work after being in the hospital for 50 days. Doctors tested me for a year, but good luck Since then cancer has not spread anywhere else in the body. It has been 19 years now.”

Directorsham, who wanted to jump from the third floor, further said, “I felt that there was no hope of my survival. I had even decided that I would jump from the third floor and die, because I could not live like that. But I I could not even get up from the bed, because I had a stomach operation. I used to ask God that ‘Now finish everything. I have no regrets. I am from a small village and by your blessings I have Have a good life. If you want to save me, don’t make me weak.’ After that the next day I found peace.”

The shoot was for ‘Black Friday’ after coming from the hospital, Sham was about to start shooting for his new film ‘Black Friday’ in November 2003, but due to being in the hospital in October, he returned the money to the production people. Sham told that Anurag Kashyap sent him a message on the phone that only you can do this film and we will wait for you. He did his first film ‘Black Friday’ after coming from the hospital in December.

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