Trying to kill Tanushree after MeToo! Actress claims – Poison is being given in water

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta is credited for being behind India’s ‘MeeToo Movement’. Several women came out from the industry after opening up about sexual harassment on a film set in 2020 and narrating their trauma after suffering sexual harassment from people in power. The actress has been vocal about her experiences and has now claimed that an attempt was made to kill her after she did so. The ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ actress (Tanushree Dutta) shares an attempt to get Tanushree into an accident. Said that when she was in Ujjain, the brakes of her car were ‘tampered’ a couple of times. She told Connect FM Canada, ‘I had an accident and it was a very bad accident. Many of my bones were saved from breaking. It put me on bed rest for a few months and it took me time to recover from those injuries as I had lost a lot of blood.

Poison mixed in water? The actress also shared that she believes an attempt has been made to poison her. Tanushree said, ‘There was a maid who was hired in my house and I gradually became ill. Now, it is my suspicion that something was being mixed in my water.’

Being abetted to suicideEarlier this year, Tanushree had also claimed on social media that though she was trying to make a comeback in films, her efforts were being thwarted and she was threatened to ‘commit suicide’. Trying to push.

Bollywood mafia behind this… Tanushree wrote, ‘Bollywood mafia, the old political circuit of Maharashtra (which still operates here) and nefarious anti-national people generally act like this to harass people. I am pretty sure that the #metoo criminals and NGOs that I have exposed are behind all this because why would I be targeted and harassed like this??

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