The story of fear and panic, where a curse has been imposed on a pile of dead bodies, what is the secret of Shilaspura?

If you are fond of supernatural and horror stories, then something is coming for you in the world of OTT, seeing which you will think before even blinking. The name of this new series of Disney + Hotstar is ‘Dahan – Rakan’s Mystery’. The story is of a village named Shilaspura, where many secrets are hidden. It is said that this village is cursed. There is an elusive, as soon as it is freed, there will be a pile of dead bodies in the village. That elusive has been imprisoned in a rock by the tantrik powers. But the new IAS officer who came to the village feels that all these are just hearsay things. She wants to increase the work of development. I want to make the village better. But there is something in the old beliefs, which creates an atmosphere of fear and panic in the village.

Tisca Chopra is in the role of an IAS officer in this series. This series is a dark story of the age-old myths and superstitions of the village. This series has been directed by Vikrant Pawar. While the story of Dahan Web Series is written by Nisarg Mehta, Shiva Bajpayee and Nikhil Nair. Shilaspura is also known as ‘The Land of the Dead’. In its story, veterans like Rajesh Tailang, Mukesh Tiwari, Saurabh Shukla, Ankur Nayyar, Rohan Joshi, Lehar Khan will be seen performing powerful performances along with Tisca Chopra. Watch the trailer of ‘Dahan’ web series here.

The trailer of the web series ‘Rahasya of Dahan- Rakan Ka Rahasya’ will be streamed from September 16, has been released on Tuesday. Whereas from September 16 it will be aired on ‘Disney + Hotstar’. There are total 9 episodes in the series. The series touches upon the society and its beliefs and challenges the characters to face their deepest and terrifying fears. The story of the series begins with a mining expedition in Shilaspura, which becomes a threat to the village. The IAS officer sets out on a mission to fight age-old superstitions, but finds himself embroiled in mysterious murders and disappearances of people.

OTT Web Series: Looking to watch something full of romance-comedy? Watch this Chinese web series in Hindi in a hurryWeb Series: Dreamed of becoming a pilot in childhood, the father made an orphan and threw it into a brothel, then started brokering women in the ravines of Rajasthan, shooting ‘Dahan’ series in the rugged locations of Rajasthan was shot in. There is a cursed cave in the story, where there is also a secret of treasures hidden for generations. Vikrant Pawar, Director of the show says, “With Dahan-Rakan Ka Rahasya, we set out to create a show where viewers will experience how mythological and supernatural elements come together to create fear in the minds of people. can come. The pace of the show is such that it will keep the audience hooked till the mystery surrounding Shilaspura is unearthed.

Tisca Chopra in Dahan

It’s a story about fighting your inner demon. On the other hand, Tisca Chopra who plays the role of an IAS officer in the show says, “What I love the most about Dahan-Rakan Ka Rahasya is how each and every character in it Face the demons inside you. Avani Raut, my character, is fighting personal and professional battles side by side. I am sure people will love both Dahan and Avni.

Saurabh Shukla in Dahan

Sourabh Shukla plays the role of the village head in the series. He says, ‘The Mystery of Dahan-Rakan, as a show, brings together a tale of myths, legends and superstitions. What sets him apart in his role as the village head is that he is afraid of what he worships. I am very excited about this show.

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