The friend of Karan Johar who gave the title of his first film, today is his birthday

Today is the birthday of Bollywood actor Jugal Hansraj. Jugal Hansraj, who started working in films from a young age, was once a well-known name in Bollywood. Because of this, he had a lot of fans, but then the situation changed in such a way that he stopped acting in films and gradually made a distance from the big screen. Today, on the birthday of Jugal Hansraj, let us tell you some exciting things related to him.

Jugal Hansraj was born on 26 July 1972 in Mumbai. Jugal started acting in films as a child artist in the film Masoom. This film was released in 1986. Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi were seen in the lead roles in this film. Jugal played the role of a child artist in many films. Jugal is celebrating his 50th birthday today.

Married to NRI Girlfriend in 2014 He got married to his NRI Girlfriend in 2014. Jugal’s marriage was revealed when his friend Uday Chopra tweeted and informed him about it. He wrote, ‘My friend Jugal Hansraj has married Jasmine in Auckland. I wish happiness to this new couple.’ Jugal also has a son from this relationship. The actor’s wife is an investment banker by profession.

Karan Johar and Jugal Hans are good friends According to media reports, Jugal is today associated with Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. They work with the creative team. Actually, Karan Johar and Jugal Hansraj have been good friends. Even today the friendship of both remains intact. Before making Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 1998, Jugal Hansraj suggested the title of his first film for friend Karan Johar. The title of the film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ was kept by Jugal Hansraj and a tune was also composed for this title. This tune went ahead and became the title music of Dharma Productions. Karan Johar has also mentioned this in his autobiography.

There was no one to advise, despite initial success, Jugal could not succeed. Regarding this, he said in an interview given to Hindustan Times in the year 2020 that ‘I was a complete outsider. There was no connection in the industry. In such a situation, you constantly try to stabilize yourself. There is no one to advise you. Being from a film family makes you better prepared to make career decisions.

Jugal says that he had signed about 35-40 projects. But he could never even start. He is sad that if he had started, then perhaps the direction of his career would have been different today. Jugal has left India and has now settled in New York, USA. He lives with his wife and son. He keeps posting photos with his family on social media.

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