The 5 Common Types of Real Estate Clients

Real Estate Clients

There are as many types of real estate clients as there are home models on the market. Each client who approaches a real estate services company has their own interests and needs that make it unique. And that, hardly, they are going to coincide with those of another.

In fact, when asking clients what they are looking for or have sought when approaching your offices or when requesting help through the website, the answers are very different.

Although, yes, all of them agree on the need for a real estate services company that provides personalized, fast, serious and effective attention.

Because, it is no secret that each client is a world. And, although apparently, it seems that the only thing you want from your real estate agent is to buy or sell a property at the best price, the reality is that you expect much more from this management.

Therefore, based on the most frequent objectives, Trend of Week have defined the 5 types of regular clients of a real estate agency. There is more. But, these are the most common real estate clients that visit.

Top 5 Types of Real Estate Clients

1. First Home Buyer

In most cases, this type of real estate clients are the first time that an investment as important as the purchase of a home is being considered. Their average age is between 30 and 43 years. Look for a second-hand small apartment or house.

He is a type of customer full of enthusiasm and doubts! Because although he knows that at some point he will take the great step of acquiring his first home, he has delayed that moment for economic and family reasons.

You are concerned if the market situation is optimal for this large operation. Or if, on the contrary, it is better to delay the decision a little longer. You still live with your parents or have been living with your partner for a short time. And one of his big concerns is what he will do if he needs an older home a few years later.

2. Client Looking to Expand the Size of Their Current Home

This type of client comes to the real estate company pushed by some change in his life, which acts as a trigger. It may be an increase in family, opting for the option of teleworking or, simply, the desire to have a larger home than the one they had until now.

This type of buyer does not feel as attached to a specific area of ​​the city as the first-time home buyer does. Perhaps, because he is aware that depending on what he wants to acquire, it will be necessary to move to residential areas located on the outskirts of the city or under construction.

Many of them opt for newly built single-family homes. And importance is given to the added services that the property has. As, for example, green spaces, sports facilities, recreation area, swimming pool, garage and storage room.

He is a type of customer who knows what he wants. And, although you are not looking for a house “for life”, you do want to settle in it for no less than 10 years.

3. Investor Client

The investing client is the one who is looking for an interesting real estate purchase opportunity. It is driven by business opportunities. That is, with exceptions, it has no problem acquiring very different types of property.

They can go from houses, apartments and chalets to industrial warehouses, rustic farms, commercial premises or garage spaces. The important thing is that the operation is economically beneficial and ensures good future profitability.

He usually makes the purchase with the objective set in his subsequent rent. And not so much, for own use. He is interested in knowing properties that are urgent to sell, that are well located or that can be acquired at a low amount due to the need for a reform.

4. Complicated Sales Customer

Without a doubt, he is a very special client. Mainly due to the special circumstances that have brought him closer and made him trust to your team. This type of client needs to sell a property with some urgency. In addition, this type of sale is complicated because it is usually a legacy property.

Because it is part of the assets involved in a marriage separation process. Or because a situation of impossibility of mortgage payment has been reached. In all these situations, the usual sales process is complicated.

 In the first two cases, because the differences between the different heirs or the ex-partner make dialogue a reason for conflict. And, in the third, because it involves a series of bank procedures necessary to carry out the sale.

5. Client Looking to Rent

When we talk about renting a home, it is common to think of young people of university age or who have just become independent from their family. But, this image of the rental client is far from the current reality. Right now, this is a mixed bag customer, a wide old fork. Sometimes he was an owner but had to sell his home. And, in others, you have bet directly on the rent and you have in mind to acquire a house in property.

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