Sonali Phogat: Rahul Vaidya seeks justice for Sonali Phogat, says – demons killed her by giving her drugs

Everyone is shocked by the death of Tiktok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat, who was seen in ‘Bigg Boss’. Sonali Phogat’s postmortem report found marks of assault and injury on the body, after which a case of murder was registered against two of her associates. It has also come to the fore that Sonali Phogat was forcibly given drugs by her associates. There are many more sensational revelations in the alleged murder of Sonali Phogat. Singer Rahul Vaidya’s reaction has come on this. Rahul Vaidya, who was seen with ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Sonali Phogat, has demanded justice for her. Rahul Vaidya said – the culprits should be punished at the earliest Went. I hope those who did this get punished at the earliest. Because what happened to Sonali ji was cruelty. May they get justice soon.

During the interrogation, the associates confessed to forcibly giving drugs, while in the alleged murder case of Sonali Phogat, the Goa Police interrogated both the arrested associates overnight. During interrogation, Sonali Phogat’s friend Sukhwinder Vasi and PA Sudhir Sangwan confessed that they had forcibly given drugs to Sonali. The police extracted several CCTV footages. In a CCTV footage, it is seen that Sudhir and Sukhwinder are forcibly making Sonali drink something together. Sonali stumbles. She loses control and meanwhile Sukhwinder and Sudhir force her to drink liquid again.

Sonali Phogat Death Case: Sudhir Sagwan and Sukhwinder Vasi, two accused in Sonali Phogat’s death case, arrestedSonali Phogat PA News: Injuries on the body, of murder Case… who suspected Sonali Phogat’s PA and why? These things came to the fore in Sonali Phogat’s postmortem report, while many things came to light in Sonali Phogat’s postmortem report. In this, deep injury marks were found on Sonali Phogat’s body. According to the report, Sonali Phogat’s body was also hit by a sharp object.

However, nothing is known about what that thing is yet. Sonali Phogat died on 23 August. Initially, the cause of death was said to be a heart attack, but Sonali Phogat’s family had raised suspicion of murder. Sonali Phogat went to Goa on 22nd August. Along with both the associate PA Sudhir Sangwan and friend Sukhwinder were also there. The same night she had gone to a party where she reportedly complained of uneasiness. The next day i.e. on 23 August the news of Sonali Phogat’s death came.

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