Sonali Phogat Husband Murder Krk Urge Goa Police To Ask Sudhir Sangwan Entertainment News

Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK remains in the news due to his controversial talks. One such tweet of his year 2020 got him in trouble. As soon as he reached Mumbai airport, he was arrested by the police. Now he will be presented in Borivali court and then further action will be taken. This is the latest update. Now let us tell you about the tweet made on the death of Sonali Phogat’s husband, in which he wrote his thoughts. Actually, Sonali Phogat died on 22 August in Goa. Earlier the reason for this was said to be a heart attack. But later it was said that he had been murdered. Apart from the PA of the actress, the police had also arrested two other people in this case. At present the police is investigating. Exactly 6 years ago i.e. in 2016, her husband Sanjay Phogat was also murdered. His body was found in a farmhouse in Hisar.

KRK’s troubles may increase after arrest, Mika Singh may also be arrested in property fraud caseKRK Arrested: Kamal Rashid Khan was arrested by Mumbai Police, in 2020 KRK did controversial tweetKRK told this to Goa Police Now KRK ( Kamaal Rashid Khan) made a tweet on 27 August. In this, he wrote, ‘I am sure that if Goa Police questions Sudhir Sangwan about the suspicious death of Sonali Phogat’s husband, then they will tell the truth of that too. And this will reveal the whole story to the world.

KRK’s tweet on Sonali Phogat’s husband’s death.

Opinion On KRK: KRK, who walks around with the tag of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, you have to swear, don’t do it now that the police arrested him in the Sonali Phogat case . Told that he had mixed drugs in Sonali’s drink. However, right now the police is investigating in this case and is strictly interrogating. By the way, Sonali Phogat had told in Bigg Boss 14 that when Sanjay died, she was badly broken. Meanwhile, a person came in his life but the relationship did not last long. Then he handled everything alone.

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