Sonali Phogat Farm House: Sonali Phogat with daughter showed all the details of the farmhouse, staff had classes

BJP leader Sonali Phogat, who was seen in ‘Bigg Boss 14’, is no more with us. The news of his death during a recent Goa trip left everyone in shock. Initially it was called a heart attack but gradually secrets started coming out about it. After this, a case of murder was registered after the complaint of the family members. Police is investigating this case and at present 5 people have also been arrested in the case. Sonali’s PA Sudhir Sangwan and his friend Sukhwinder are also included in these arrested accused. Along with Sonali’s death, her farmhouse is also in discussion, which is being said to be one of the reasons for this murder. Here are some glimpses of Sonali’s farmhouse, where she is seen with her daughter in this video. After 2 months, when Sonali Phogat reached her farm house after ‘Bigg Boss’, Sonali Phogat in a live Instagram video He had shown his entire farmhouse. This video was shot by Sonali herself, in which she is seen with daughter Yashodhara. Sonali was capturing the video from her mobile. This video is being told from last year. In this video of about 19 minutes, Sonali is saying, ‘Yashodhara is with me, I have come to the farm after almost 2 months. Beautiful lemons are planted here. The sun is about to set now, it is a beautiful sight. There are so many trees and plants here and it feels good to be here after so long. In the video, she is also showing the view of this farmhouse. Sonali is also seen talking to her staff in between.

Sonali Phogat had organized a class of loose staff present there, Sonali Phogat is talking about getting some staff to do swimming pool work there. She is saying, ‘You start the work of swimming pool from tomorrow, I will go to tell you all today.’ She is complaining to the staff there that so many lemons are engaged, they were not broken that day. She is also talking to her staff to finish the work there as soon as possible. Sonali also asks the staff where you were missing, there are no people on that side of the farm and says don’t leave it open like that. From the terrace of her mansion, Sonali Phogat had shown the entire view from inside the farmhouse to outside. This video of Sonali is being made by her daughter Yashodhara. After this, both climb over the kothi being built in the farmhouse and then climb up and see the complete view of their farm. After this, Yashodhara asks mother to climb on the top terrace, then Sonali tells – I will not climb. Yoshdhara takes the phone in her hand and then both reach upstairs, from where the beautiful red setting sun is visible. Sonali seems to be mad with utter happiness seeing the sugarcane field and the setting sun. The way she is happy to see the trees, fields, sun and birds there, it is clear that she was very close to nature.

Apart from the fields of the farmhouse, the meditation center was also shown, meanwhile she is seen making another video in which she welcomes her fans by saying Ram-Ram and then tells about the farmhouse. In this video, she also talks to her fans to support Rahul Vaidya in ‘Bigg Boss’. In the video, showing the farmhouse, she also counts the names of all the vegetables and fruits planted here. In the video, apart from the fields of the farmhouse, she is also showing the meditation center and the place where she comes and stays.

Sonali had said- Me and Yashodhara will spend our holidays here, Sonali is saying in the video, ‘These are our huts too, I have built them all. It is under preparation, it is yet to be finalised. When I went to Bigg Boss, work was stopped for 2 months. Everyone has now come again and is about to start again. Will finish the work in 2 months and then everything will look neat here. We are building a mansion here where we are standing, it is getting ready for me and Yashodhara. Me and Yashodhara will spend our holidays here. We keep coming here. We like to be with nature me and my daughter too. We both mother and daughter like to spend time here, our cat also comes along.

Sonali’s PA Sudhir Sangwan is accused of getting her farmhouse in his name, let us tell that new things are coming out every day in the Sonali Phogat murder case. It is alleged that Sonali’s PA Sudhir Sangwan had got the papers of his farmhouse prepared in his name. Sonali’s family claims that Sudhir Sangwan had prepared a 20-year lease deed in his name for the farm house in Hisar. Recently, Goa Goa Police had reached Sonali Phogat’s farm house and there, besides recording the statements of family members, they searched the entire farm house.

Sonali is the owner of a property worth about 110 crores, it is said that Sonali was the owner of a property of about 110 crores. He has a farm house and several acres of land worth crores. It is also being told that her expensive furniture has also disappeared from Sonali’s farmhouse in Hisar. Even his vehicles are said to be missing. It has been told that Sonali’s PA was trying to shift her to Gurugram. According to reports, Sudhir has also confessed to giving him drugs.

The cost of the farmhouse is around Rs 6 crore, it is said that the cost of this farmhouse of Sonali is around Rs 6 crore. There is a small village Dhandur between Sirsa and Rajgarh road bypass of Hisar, where land worth about Rs 96 crore is said to be in the name of Sonali. Apart from this, about 3 crore houses and shops in Sant Nagar are also included in Sonali’s property. In media reports, the police claim that Sonali’s PA was eyeing her property. Goa Police is telling that their PA was trying to grab Sonali’s property worth crores. He wanted to take Sonali’s farmhouse on lease for 20 years and wanted him to settle it by paying her only 60 thousand per annum.

The PA had told Sonali while renting a house in Gurugram. In the rent agreement, Sudhir had told that he would live in this house with his wife and named the wife as Sonali Phogat. Let us inform that Sonali Phogat’s daughter Yashodhara has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding a CBI inquiry into the mother’s murder case. With this, the family has demanded police protection for Yashodhara.

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