Something like this happened for the first time in seven seasons, Rohit Shetty was stunned – the name of the show on National TV dipped

A lot is going to happen this week in ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’. The show’s host Rohit Shetty has shocked the contestants. The theme of this week is the danger blowing the senses of the contestants. Rohit Shetty started the game with the players. Hearing the announcement of the first stunt, Rajiv’s condition worsened. Rubina did the first stunt. He completed the stunt by taking shocks of the current. This stunt was the second chance to reach the final that Rubina beat Nishant Bhatt to perform the same stunt. He aborted it. Kanika Mann went again. He aborted it too. But out of all this, the one who made it happen was Rubina. As a result, she became the second finalist of the season.

Rohit’s anger on the abortRohit Shetty tells Kanika and Nishant that they have drowned the name of the show on National TV. That’s why he was getting them to do humiliating stunts. After this Rajiv and Jannat had to do stunts. Rohit also said that this never happened in the semi-finale of seven seasons, which has happened this time that the players aborted the stunts of the semi-finale.

In the final, Faizu reached Rajiv first for the next stunt. He didn’t complete those stunts. After that she went to heaven. She completed her stunt and became the third finalist of the season. Mohit and Faizu reached the final stunt. Only one of the two had to get a chance. For this, Mohit went first. He completed it. Then it was Faizu’s turn. Faizu won the stunt and became the fourth finalist.

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