Ryan Grantham sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his mother was preparing to kill the Prime Minister

In today’s changing world anything can happen. But what if the son becomes the enemy of his own mother’s life? A Hollywood actor has done something similar. ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ star Ryan Grantham has now been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to murdering his mother in March 2020. According to reports, the court has also imposed a life ban for Grantham on his September 20 sentence. According to CBC News, Grantham has been convicted in the case and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The murder of mother while playing piano According to CBS News, Ryan hit his mother, Barbara White, on the head while playing the piano. He shot and killed him. He has been sentenced in this case. The decision was given by the British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver. Grantham is best known for playing a young Jeffrey in Riverdale who accidentally kills Fred Andrews in a hit-and-run. He also starred in Supernatural, iZombie and Falling Skies.

Angelina Jolie Video: Never seen such a plight before… Angelina Jolie was stunned to see the scene of floods in Pakistan was earlier reported earlier also when the sentencing in Grantham’s case started, that Ryan’s Canada There was also a plan to assassinate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. As Complex Canada reported at the time. Grantham had plans to kill Trudeau, revealed in a statement to police.

Marva Hicks Death: Hollywood star Marva Hicks dies, songs she sang with Michael Jackson, Howard’s degree sister told Dangerous Man After initially being charged with first-degree murder, Grantham committed second-degree murder earlier this year Confessed. The evidence presented in court also included videos that Grantham showed throughout the trial. In one of these, he confessed to the murder. It also reported that Grantham had contemplated committing mass murder, involving a friend of his from Simon Fraser University. Grantham’s sister Lisa Grantham also testified in court, saying that her brother was a dangerous man.

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