Ratan Rajput was a victim of casting couch, the producer made a disgusting demand, the actress shared the pain

Ratan Raajputh: TV actress Ratan Rajput became popular from house to house with the serial ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’. Recently, this actress has revealed on the casting couch what happened to her in the industry. Ratan Rajput keeps sharing things related to his life openly in the form of a vlog on his YouTube. Ratan has made a shocking disclosure on the casting couch happening in Bollywood in one of his recent vlogs. He has told that 14 years ago, a 60-65-year-old producer had asked him to sleep together.

The producer had placed the condition of sleeping together

Ratana Rajput told in her vlog that when she was new to Mumbai, she was looking for work when she met the 65-year-old producer. Ratan has told that he insulted me a lot. Look at me and say that you have to change a lot. Look at your hair, look at your skin and how you dress. You have to do a complete makeover. You will spend 2 lakhs. But why would I spend so much money on you? You have to make me your godfather. For this you have to be friends with me.

Ratan further said in his blog that at that time I did not know the meaning of Godfather. And I was wondering why should I be friends with a man my father’s age. I can only respect them. I told him that you are of my father’s age, so how can I do friendship with you. I will walk as you guide me. On hearing this, he got very angry and told me directly, this guide-wide nothing happens. If I came to become an actress, be smart, if my daughter also became a heroine, I would have slept with her too. Ratan further said, “Today if I find that person, then I will hit his face with a shoe.”

Ratan also advised those struggling in this vlog that they should never compromise in the industry. He further said that after this incident, he did not try to work in the film.

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