Rakhi Sawant got cheated in love again, Adil Khan did not come but waited for hours, was in bad condition by crying

Rakhi Sawant: Drama queen Rakhi Sawant has been making headlines for the past few days for her boyfriend Adil Durrani. Every day she is seen posing with Adil to the paparazzi. But now it seems that this time again his heart is broken. And this boyfriend of hers has also cheated on her.

Does the decorated Rakhi got cheated again?

Rakhi Sawant had recently arrived at the airport to pick up Adil dressed in a suit, but when Adil did not come even after waiting for hours, it made her very sad. He came and told about this condition of his heart in the media. Rakhi, who came dressed, was in a bad condition of crying, due to which the makeup of her eyes was spoiled. She herself told that she kept waiting at the airport but Adil Durrani did not come. She cried for two hours and her eye makeup deteriorated. After this video of Rakhi surfaced, people feel that they have been cheated once again.

Let us tell you that Rakhi Sawant dominates social media every day. Even before this, most of the videos of Rakhi go viral.

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