Rakhi Sawant creates traffic jam on the busy street of Mumbai netizens reacted Mumbai police should take action

Rakhi Sawant keeps doing something or the other that keeps her fans entertained. However, this time too what Rakhi did, they must have felt that the fans would be very happy to see all this. But the truth is that here the bet backfired. Seeing what Rakhi Sawant has done, people are fiercely venting their anger on her. Actually Rakhi has stopped her car on the middle road, after which a line of vehicles has been set behind her.

Rakhi Sawant caused traffic jam Viral on social media In this video Rakhi Sawant is seen getting down from the car and going to the roadside to buy something. This entire activity of his has been captured in the camera. When she reaches her car, a long line of autos and vehicles follows her. Rakhi is standing near the car and saying – Where we stand, the line starts from there, stop.

People have raised a lot of anger on Rakhi, in this video the people standing behind are playing horns. In a city like Mumbai, where every minute of delay overwhelms people, in this video people are getting angry on social media after seeing people stuck in traffic due to Rakhi. Fans have said many things expressing their displeasure over this act of Rakhi. One user has said that this did not happen in any way. Another user has said – This is very wrong, she cannot disturb the traffic of common people like this, Mumbai Police should take action in this matter. Another said- You have got the challan made, brother, now wait for tomorrow. A fan said – If the traffic cops take the news, then Amitabh Bachchan will take them off. Seeing this act of Rakhi, many people have said to file a case against her.

Talking about marrying Adil, Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend Adil’s ex-girlfriend Roshina Delavari had called the relationship of both of them false and said that all this is being done just for the footage. However, after this Rakhi has also said a big thing and has also announced her marriage to Adil. Rakhi said angrily while answering the question of the media, ‘How dare she speak like this about us.’

Rakhi replied to Roshina and said, ‘Roshina, you troll as much as you want, Adil is mine. You can’t do anything for us. It is more correct if Adil says, in future both of us are going to get married.

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