Rakesh told the reason for the flop of Bollywood films: Said – people are now making only those films, which they like and their friends

Rakesh Roshan recently spoke about the flops of films in Bollywood during an interview to Bollywood Hungama. During the conversation, he told that due to which Hindi films are continuously flopping. Rakesh said that the audience is not able to connect with the topics on which films are being made these days.

Rakesh told the reason for the flop of the films

Rakesh Roshan said, ‘These days Hindi films are flopping because people are now making only those films which they and their friends like. They are choosing only those subjects to make films, which can appeal to only a small group of audience. A large part of the audience is unable to relate to him.

Songs of films make actors superstars

Rakesh further said, ‘Another big problem is that songs are disappearing from today’s films. Earlier there used to be at least 6 songs in films. Those songs used to make actors superstars. Right now it has become very difficult to become a superstar. These days, even if there are songs in films, sometimes they play only in the background, or only their faces are played.

Need to learn from the success of South films

Rakesh says, films like ‘Pushpa’ and ‘RRR’ were also huge hits because of their songs. Each of his songs created a craze in the audience to watch the film. So Bollywood needs to learn from the success of those films.

Bollywood filmmakers don’t know what has happened

Rakesh adds, “People in the South still want to see stories that they feel connected to. The filmmakers there present those stories very well, but our Bollywood filmmakers do not know what has happened. They are moving away from the things related to our culture. They are trying to make ‘modern cinema’, but only 1% of the people like such films.

If the filmmaker knows how much power his story has and how much business he will do, then he should cast actors accordingly. He said that if the trailer or teaser of a film does not work, then it is very important to promote the films.

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