Rahul Vaidya-Disha Parmar made a big mistake in Ganpati Visarson, Troll on social media / Rahul Disha Troll

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar Troll: Ganpati was established at their home by well-known singer Rahul Vaidya and his wife and TV actress Disha Parmar. The couple did Ganpati Visarjan last evening. But during this both of them made such a mistake that people are trolling them. Actually, Rahul and Disha had taken the idol of Ganpati Bappa in their hands without taking off their slippers. People did not like this thing and their pictures are making people angry.

Rahul did not take off his slippers

In these pictures, Rahul Vaidya is seen wearing a kurta and Disha Parmar is seen in a saree. Both attended the puja. But while going for Ganpati immersion, Rahul Vaidya has taken Bappa in his hand and he has forgotten to take off his slippers in a hurry or by mistake. Many pictures of Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar have come out during this period. In all these pictures, people’s attention is being paid to the slippers.

Rahul Vaidya-Disha Parmar

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People said – this is not a reality show

Netizens angry with Rahul Disha have written here that this is not a reality show but a worship of God, here the celebrity tantrum should be abandoned. One has written, ‘TRP is needed and nothing else, it has nothing to do with Ganpati Bappa.’ At the same time, another has written, ‘What was the hurry, he would have taken off the slippers.’ Along with this, many other users are seen criticizing Rahul a lot.

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