Questions arose on the scene of South’s films, God was insulted, then why not boycott? – Vijay Devara Konda insulted god in Dwaraka film shameless scene viral in which he holds Krishna murti in his hands and forcefully kisses girl watch video

Bollywood is being boycotted at this time. There are allegations that Hindu religion is insulted in Hindi films. People’s religious sentiments are hurt. Apart from this, South films are highly appreciated. People do not get tired of praising the actors there. Shares his photos, in which he is seen worshiping. Be it onscreen or offscreen. But now it looks like the story has turned. Yes. Now questions are also being raised on the scene of South’s films. A video is going viral on social media. This video is from ‘Ligger’ actor Vijay Deverakonda’s film ‘Dwarka’. Some people are sharing this claiming that God has been insulted in the clip. They are also asking the question that if South stars are also hurting religious sentiments, then why are they not being boycotted? First of all, watch this video. In this, Vijay Devarakonda is seen stealing the idol of Lord Krishna from the temple. Only then the people present in the temple wake up and they are caught. While running, he bumps into a girl (Pooja Jhaveri). Seeing her, he forgets everything and, holding the idol in one hand, drags the girl towards him and forcibly kisses her on the lip.

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Sharing this video, a Twitter user wrote in the caption, ‘Why shouldn’t we boycott films that hurt religious sentiments? Shameful scene of Vijay Deverakonda from the movie Dwarka, in which he is holding an idol of Krishna in his hands and forcefully kisses a girl.

What will Vijay Deverakonda do if Liger flops? Gave such an answer that people were left watching

People’s anger erupted on Vijay Devarakonda After watching this clip, now the anger of people is raging on Vijay Devarakonda. One user commented, ‘That’s why it was a flop.’

One wrote, ‘Now his career will also end. We must boycott films of such Hindu haters.

Another user wrote, ‘He spoiled his own character by being influenced by Bollywood.’

Vijay Deverakonda’s recently released movie ‘Liger’ is being boycotted. #BoycottLiger is trending on social media. After the release of the film, people surrounded Vijay and Ananya Pandey for acting.

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