Prakash Jha explains why he can’t cast top actors in his films

Prakash Jha has been making films and web series related to reality. His films have shown the bitter reality of life and society on screen. He has also played some good characters as an actor. He will once again be seen on screen. Viewers will see him playing the role of a common man who is trying to achieve his dreams in the film ‘Mattoo Ki Cycle’.

Prakash Jha talked about the current situation of the film industry during an interview while promoting his film. In a conversation with India Today, he said, ‘Our films are not working, because people are no longer emphasizing on the script, only making proposals for top actors.’

Prakash Jha took a dig at some of the actors, the filmmaker further said, ‘This is one of the many challenges that Bollywood is facing today.’ Prakash Jha took a jibe at some actors and said, ‘New actors start asking for moon only after a hit and people are also ready to pay them huge payments.’

It was difficult to cast top actors for Prakash Jha, recalling the old days, when he was making films like ‘Gangajal’, it was not so. Now even actors are not ready to give much time to a film, so now they find it difficult to cast top actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Ajay Devgan in their films.

‘Mattoo Ki Cycle’, which will be released on September 16, Prakash Jha’s previous web series ‘Ashram 3’ received a mixed response. His new film ‘Matto Ki Cycle’, in which he starred, will be released on September 16. Prakash Jha has mostly made socio-political films, including films like ‘Damul’ (1984), ‘Mrityudand’ (1997), ‘Gangajal’ (2003), ‘Apharan’ (2005). He has also made documentaries like ‘Face After the Storm’ and ‘Sonal’.

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