Police reached the sets of ‘Rangbaaz’ during the shoot, Vineet Singh broke silence on connection with Shahabuddin

Is the story of ‘Rangbaaz 3’ based on the life of Mohammad Shahabuddin? While actor Vineet Singh has broken silence on these discussions, he also mentioned the incidents when the police had actually arrived on the sets.

Vineet Kumar Singh is playing the role of Bahubali in the series ‘Rangbaaz: Darr Ki Politics’. It is constantly discussed that this time the story of the series is based on the story of late Bihar’s Bahubali leader Mohammad Shahabuddin. The story of the third season is written by Siddharth Mishra, while it is being directed by Sachin Pathak and Navdeep Singh. Meanwhile, Vineet Kumar Singh, who is playing the lead role in the series, has broken silence on the series’ connection with Mohammad Shahabuddin. Not only this, he has also revealed the incident in which a team of UP Police suddenly arrived on the sets during the shooting in Lucknow.

Vineet Singh has carved a niche for himself among the audience with films like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Mukkebaaz’. Now he is playing the lead role as Haroon Shah Ali Baig in ‘Rangbaaz 3: Darr Ki Politics’. Vineet says that one day a police team suddenly reached the set in Lucknow, the capital of UP. Vineet Kumar Singh says, ‘We were shooting a sequence in UP, in which Haroon Shah Ali Baig’s court is held and the public is sitting in front. Help is given in every way in that court, some cash is also kept in it and at the same time, there were going to be assembly elections in UP, due to which there was a lot of strictness. The news spread from somewhere that money was being distributed under the guise of shooting and on seeing a large police team reached the location and started investigating.

Vineet Kumar Singh on the sets of ‘Rangbaaz 3’.

Bundle of 500 notes lying on the sets of the series, Vineet told that the police had to explain that nothing like this is being done here and it is just a part of the shooting of Rangbaaz 3. During the investigation, the police were also shown the notes lying there, which contained old Rs 500 notes, which were closed during the demonetization. Along with this, Vineet shared another anecdote. Where there was an atmosphere of panic among the villagers due to the sound of gunshots at midnight during the shoot.

Vineet Kumar Singh during the shooting of ‘Rangbaaz 3’ in Lucknow

Web Series: How the drug mafia works in Mumbai, how NCB is caught, this series will explain everything, after hearing the sound of bullets, the villagers called the police, Vineet says, ‘The scene we were shooting that day was that of Haroon Shah Ali Baig. was about to be arrested. According to the scene, a big team of police reaches there to arrest. This shooting was happening around 12 o’clock at night in the rural area of ​​UP. People in the village often go to bed early. In such a situation, when gunshots were heard at the beginning of the sequence, the villagers felt that some major incident had happened somewhere. He informed the local police administration. In such a situation, the real police team reached there at midnight. Later, when they came to know that this series is being shot, the police team also started laughing.

Vineet Kumar Singh said – The story of the Rangbaaz 3 series has nothing to do with the life of Mohammad Shahabuddin

Mirzapur 3: Guddu Bhaiya will not do Liber-Liber now, Ali Fazal is taking wrestling training in the show ‘Nothing to do with Mohammed Shahabuddin’ in the show, and Vineet plays a gangster-turned-politician Haroon Shah Ali Baig. The trailer of the show mentions the Siwan district of Bihar. In such a situation, it became a common discussion that the story of ‘Rangbaz 3’ is based on the late Bahubali leader and former MP Mohammad Shahabuddin. However, Vineet Kumar Singh refutes this. He says, ‘Our series has nothing to do with it. This is a fictional story. Yes, there are many occasions in this where you may feel that it has some resemblance to real life. But believe me, this is a fictional story, which has nothing to do with anyone. We are just trying to tell a good story. This is entertainment. enough.’

Vineet Kumar Singh’s show ‘Rangbaaz 3: Darr Ki Politics’ trailer got a great response from the audience. Everyone is stunned to see Vineet’s new avatar in the trailer. The series depicts three decades of his character Haroon Shah Ali Baig’s life. In such a situation, Vineet Kumar Singh has also had to undergo tremendous body transformation. Vineet Kumar Singh played the role of Sardar Khan’s elder son Danish Khan in Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur. However, ‘Rangbaaz 3’ will stream on OTT platform ZEE5 from July 29.

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