Did Ranveer Singh go nude to kickstart Rocky and Rani’s love story?

Bollywood’s fearless, outspoken, and very ‘open mood’ actor Ranveer Singh is dominating everyone’s tongue these days. It is common for Ranveer to make headlines. Sometimes being arrogant about a bold statement and sometimes in a funny way, it has been his old art. But because of the incident that has happened now, Ranveer has come under everyone’s target.

You must know about the actor’s nude photoshoot. Obviously, everyone will know about this, because as much as Ranveer’s nude photos have become, perhaps in the meantime many will not even know who Draupadi Murmu is. However, an interesting thing has emerged from Ranveer’s photoshoot which has raised many questions. After all, what is the point behind it? Ranveer did it just like this or is there some special reason related to it? Let’s investigate it.

Why Ranveer Singh? First of all, let me tell you how it all started. Actually, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh had got a nude photoshoot done for a magazine, which has created a ruckus everywhere. Ranveer Singh is seen almost completely naked in these photos. Some people are praising Ranveer for doing this, while some people are totally against him. Although Ranveer has remained silent on this matter so far, who can shut the mouth of the speakers, he will speak. Because, ‘Some people will say, it is the job of the people to say.’

Ranveer Singh: Complaint filed against Ranveer Singh in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur too, there is a ruckus on the photo shoot, in which women’s feelings are rising! At first, women started raising their voices about Ranveer Singh. Only some women from the industry objected to the photo shoot, while some common women also spoke out against it. Actress Mimi Chakraborty even said that if a heroine had done the same thing, what would she not have been called? That is, Mrs. Ji linked the whole matter with gender equality. The matter intensified even more regarding this. After this statement of Mimi, women were seen speaking against Ranveer in places.

Ranveer Singh: Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran advised Ranveer not to take tension, not to give knowledge, how did that photoshoot of Kiara justify? Know what happens But the thing to think about in this is whether any actress has not done this before. Remember Kiara Advani’s leaf photoshoot? What was it, the heroine’s generosity or her confidence? Another problem is that people know how to play with the words in the dictionary. By making any man, or woman the basis of gender, they say anything. The Bollywood industry is already facing a lot about its content and now this too has started. In this too, a sesame palm will be made about something or the other.

Ranveer Singh: Vivek Agnihotri and Swara Bhaskar came to the rescue of Ranveer Singh, and asked the people who filed the FIR – what is wrong with this? Had given. In Indore, people made a box and then filled it with clothes and started sending it to the actor. Not only this, complaints started being filed against the actor at different places. A complaint has been filed against Ranveer first in Mumbai, then Indore, and now in Muzaffarpur in Bihar. People believe that the feelings of women have been hurt because of the actor. This is causing unrest in the country and Ranveer should not be allowed to stay in the country against him. Ranveer Singh’s publicity stunt for the film Ranveer Singh does not do any work like this, everyone knows this. Whatever feats he has done so far, there has always been some big reason behind it

. By the way, what if we call it a tough publicity stunt? Yes, if you put a little mind into it, then one thing is clear from all this Ranveer has put a good mind here. In the last months, almost all the films of the actor have been a hit at the box office. He would obviously be upset about this. And the history of Bollywood tells that whenever there is a ruckus in a film, then it has won. Ranveer’s upcoming film is ‘Rocky and Rani’s love story. Everyone has high hopes for this film. Meanwhile, actors also want to do better in their careers and Ranveer can go to any extent in his desire for better. So obviously these nude photos of Ranveer can be a publicity stunt for his next film.

Vijay Deverakonda had to beat? One more thing can be mentioned among all this. Just a few days back, South star Vijay Deverakonda released his poster from his film Liger, in which he was seen nude. That photo of Vijay had created panic on the internet. Now how can Ranveer connect with it? Actually, Ranveer Singh is such an actor who does not like to be behind in anything. They have to do everything that someone else has attempted. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that like an ‘A class’ actor like Vijay, Ranveer also wanted to break the stereotype, so he did it.

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