Nupur Shikhare turns out to be Ranveer Singh’s ‘father’! Aamir’s son-in-law has done a photoshoot after taking off his clothes 3 years ago

Nupur Shikhar is currently in discussion. He is engaged to Aamir Khan’s daughter Aira Khan. Both were dating each other since the year 2020. Nupur may not be an actor, but she is related to Bollywood. He is a fitness trainer and has trained many well-known celebrities including Sushmita Sen. But do you know that he is also the ‘baap’ of Ranveer Singh! Yes, you will remember very well that photoshoot of Ranveer, due to which he was caught in controversies. You will be surprised to know that Nupur has done this scandal in the year 2019 itself. So let’s not leave Nupur Ranveer Singh’s father! Now that Nupur Shikhare is going to become Aamir Khan’s son-in-law, it is imperative to search about him. Now as we scroll through his Instagram account, our eyes were fixed on these photos of him. Nupur has also got a photoshoot done by taking off clothes just like Ranveer Singh. That too 3 years ago. He has not one or two such photos, but 8-10 photos.

Nupur Shikhare Bio: Who is Nupur Shikhare? He is also the ‘guru’ of father-in-law Aamir Khan, he has a strong connection with Sushmita Sen. Photos taken by posing different poses Nupur Shikhare is hitting Gulatis in some photos, while in some one is standing upside down with the help of one hand. Sometimes they are seen flying in the air. Some are seen flaunting their toned body. Meaning photos have been taken by giving different poses. That too not in a closed room, but openly.

Hands were trembling while posting photos, while sharing these photos, Nupur had also told that while posting it, he was nervous and his hands were trembling. He told that he got this photoshoot done by gathering a lot of courage.

Ranveer Singh also did a photoshoot, but there was a ruckus a few months ago Ranveer Singh had got a similar photoshoot done, but there was a lot of ruckus about his pictures. Hi it was terrifying. There was even a case against the actor.

Ira Khan Engaged: Aamir Khan’s daughter Ayra Khan got engaged Nupur Shikre is a fitness trainer. He also trains girlfriend Aira Khan. He trained Sushmita Sen for about 2 years. Interestingly, he has also trained Aamir Khan. He was born in Pune and graduated in Mumbai. He is very close to his mother Pritam Shikre.

Nupur-Aira has been dating since 2 years Talking about Nupur and Aira, both are dating each other for 2 years. The two met in the gym. First there was friendship. Then both fell in love. They share photos of each other on social media and do not shy away from expressing their love in front of the whole world.

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