Not only Kesariya, without these 8 songs head-footed lyrics numb people’s ears, then came the flood of memes

Its music has a different specialty in Indian cinema. Indian music is very much liked. But there are many such songs, which have come under the target of trollers because of their lyrics.

Songs that have been trolled for their lyrics Indian music is the kind of music that can be listened to by anyone, at any time, in any mood. Also, you can’t keep calm by listening to our songs. They automatically start walking on your tongue. In India, children may not remember their syllables properly, but they definitely memorize the lyrics of any number of difficult songs. Indian music has always been very famous and very special.

The songs of this place are discussed not only in their own country but also abroad. But the industry has changed in many ways over the years. From films to songs and storylines, there has been a big change. Often you will hear old-school people asking if these are the songs of today. No lyrics, no tune. We have brought to you a list of some such songs, which came under the target of trollers due to their lyrics as soon as they were released.

1 Kesaria Who does not know this song. The first song ‘Kesariya’ from Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s film Brahmastra has been released. This song has crossed several million views in a day but it is knocking a lot of people because of its lyrics. Actually, the word ‘love story has been used in one line of the song, which is not matching to the next lines to a great extent. Due to this people are trolling the lyrics of this song badly.

2 Summer Remember When Varun Dhawan and Nora Fatehi’s song ‘Garmi’ from Street Dancer 3D was released, it was mercilessly trolled on social media. Surprisingly, despite being a troll, summer garnered 350 million views on YouTube. This song was played at many weddings and parties and it used to make people dance to its luscious beat.

3 Dus Bahane 2.0While ‘Garmi’ got trolled for its crass lyrics, the song ‘Dus Bahane 2.0’ from Baaghi 3 got Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor trolled for its bad remake. ‘Dus Bahane 2.0’ is a remake of a song of the same title from the 2005 film ‘Dus’ starring Zayed Khan and Abhishek Bachchan.

The list would be incomplete without mentioning this song of 4 BurjkhaliFaraghava Lawrence’s Laxmi. We are talking about Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani’s song ‘Burj Khalifa’. A few months back, when the song was launched on YouTube, netizens took to the streets to laugh at it. But this did not stop the song from gaining huge popularity.

5 Nehru Da Vyah Although this song is not from any Bollywood movie. This is Neha Kakkar’s single track, which is completely based on her marriage with Rohanpreet Singh. The song was a hit among the new couple, but it created so many memes on Twitter and Instagram that the song started getting trolled badly.

6 Aaja Nachle This song from Madhuri Dixit’s film came under the target of people very badly. Some Dalit groups objected to the use of the word cobbler in this song. After this, the makers made a written apology for this and removed the line from the song. Then the matter was settled.

Although this song from the movie ‘7 Choli Ke Peech’ Khalnayak was a huge hit, when it got into controversy over its lyrics, the story changed. Apart from this, the song was also trolled for its obscenity. ‘Behind the bodice’ simply means ‘What is behind the blouse?’ There was anger among the audience and the demand for banning the song started.

8 Fevicol Sekarina Kapoor Khan and Salman Khan’s song Fevicol was a huge hit. After seeing Kareena’s unseen avatar in the item number, the fans were not tired of praising her. But after this, there was a lot of ruckus about the lyrics of the song. Some people said that its lyrics are very clumsy and also very vulgar. That’s why this song also had to face trolling.

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