Nora Fatehi questioned for 6 hours in money laundering case: Sukesh gifted a BMW 65 lakhs to Nora’s brother-in-law, used to talk on WhatsApp

EOW on Thursday questioned Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi for 6 hours in a money laundering case of Rs 200 crore. Questions were made to him in the office of Delhi. According to sources, Nora told the investigating agency that her brother-in-law Bobby was gifted a BMW car worth Rs 65 lakh by thug Sukesh Chandrasekaran. She always used to talk to Sukesh only through WhatsApp.

Apart from actress Nora Fatehi, Pinky Irani was also questioned for the second consecutive day. Earlier on Wednesday, actress Jacqueline Fernandez and Pinky Irani were interrogated for about 8 and a half hours after sitting face to face. 100 questions were asked from them. During the interrogation, there was a scuffle between the two. Please tell that Irani had introduced Jacqueline to Sukesh.

Pinky Irani clearly said that Jacqueline was aware that Sukesh was lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail in a cheating case of Rs 200 crore, yet she took expensive gifts through her men. Jacqueline, however, denied Pinky Irani’s allegations.

Earlier, the ED had told that Sukesh had given gifts worth Rs 5.71 crore to Jacqueline from the amount received through illegal activities including extortion.

Four other actresses will also be questioned This was EOW’s fifth questioning of Nora. The EOW team may also interrogate four other actresses – Nikita Tamboli, Chahat Khanna, Sofia Singh and Arusha Patil. These people had met Sukesh in Tihar Jail.

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Actress Jacqueline Fernandez and Pinky Irani were questioned in the money laundering case on Wednesday. The Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police asked more than 100 questions in 8 hours of questioning.

No direct connection of Jacqueline-Nora: CommissionerSpecial Commissioner Ravindra Yadav said- Pinky Irani is here, so we want to interrogate both. There are some things that need to be clarified. However, there is no direct connection between Nora and Jacqueline in this case.

The Special Commissioner further informed that Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s wife has a studio in Chennai. Nora Fatehi was called for its function, she was told not to charge fees and instead a car was gifted. Nora told that when Sukesh called repeatedly, she got suspicious. After this he broke all contact with Sukesh.

Nora had confessed to the gift: In ED’s interrogation, accused Sukesh Chandrashekhar had revealed to Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez many expensive gifts including luxury cars. On 14 October 2021, Nora and Sukesh were interrogated by sitting face to face. During this, Nora herself had confessed to taking a luxury car worth more than 1 crore as a gift.

Nora Fatehi was given a BMW car and an iPhone as a gift in exchange for Sukesh’s wife Leena Paul attending an event in Chennai. Nora’s statement was recorded under sections 50(2) and 50(3) of the Money Laundering Act 2002. In this, he had denied the allegations against himself.

Actresses have been interrogated even before According to media reports, Pinky Irani had introduced Nikita Tamboli, Chahat Khanna, Sofia Singh and Arusha Patil to Sukesh. These meetings were organized under different names of Sukesh. In return, the conman gave money and gifts to the actresses. In this case, the ED has questioned all these actresses once. He had also admitted to meeting Sukesh.

Nikita met twice in Tihar According to the chargesheet of ED, Nikita Tamboli had met Sukesh twice in Tihar Jail. Nikita had come to Delhi from Mumbai to meet Sukesh. She reached Gate 3 of Tihar Jail in a BMW car, an Innova came here and took Nikita inside the jail.

Nikita was neither checked nor asked for ID during the entry into the jail. She first met Sukesh in 2018. During this, Pinky took Rs 10 lakh from the thug, out of which Rs 1.5 lakh was given to Nikita. At the same time, in the second meeting, Sukesh gifted Nikita Rs 2 lakh in cash and a bag of Gucci.

Nikita Tamboli is a Tamil and Telugu actress. He got recognition from Bigg Boss 14.

The Versace watch given to Chahat Khanna ED told in the chargesheet that Chahat also met Sukesh in 2018. Then Sukesh had called himself a relative of Jayalalithaa. The thug further told that he has been implicated in some electoral voting scam and will come out in 4-5 days. He gave his full name as Sukesh Chandrasekhar Reddy and owner of Sun TV. At the same time, Pinky Irani revealed her name as Afreen. Along with this, Chahat was gifted two lakh rupees in cash and a blue color Versace watch.

Chahat Khanna is a film and TV actress. She is known for her role of Ayesha Sharma Kapoor in the serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

Sukesh is a film producer: According to the charge sheet of Sofia, actress Sofia Singh also met Sukesh twice in jail. Pinky tells Sofia that Sukesh is a film producer from South and they want to meet in connection with a film. Sophia was gifted a bag of LV in the first meeting with Rs 2 lakh in the account and for the second time Rs 1.5 lakh in cash.

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