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In the last few years, the condition of Bollywood films at the box office has never been seen before. Surprisingly, now the films of actors like Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar are also getting beaten badly at the box office. Whereas till last year every film of Akshay was earning bumpers. This year, where all four of Akshay’s released films were beaten, the films of other actors were also in bad shape. While some people are blaming the ‘boycott culture’ for the flop of Hindi films, some people are considering the old controversial statements of the actors. But Rakesh Roshan has a different opinion on this. Rakesh Roshan, who celebrated his 73rd birthday on September 6, has not only made an actor but also made many successful films. He told that for what reasons Hindi films are constantly getting beaten up. Rakesh Roshan in a conversation with ‘Bollywood Hungama’ gave five main reasons for this.

‘Films like friends, no songs are not hot’ Rakesh Roshan said, ‘Hindi films are flopping because people now make only those films which they and their friends like. They are choosing only those subjects to make films which can appeal to only a small section of the audience. A large part of the audience cannot relate to him. Another big problem is that songs are disappearing from movies now. Even if there are songs, sometimes they only play in the background or only their faces are played. Earlier films used to have 6 songs. These songs used to make actors superstars.

Opinion: It had to happen… Bollywood should learn from the South, only then will it come to the fore! Verna Le Dubengi Yeh 5 Behudgiyan’ should be learned from the success of Pushpa and RRR, every song was crazy’ Rakesh Roshan said that films like ‘Pushpa’ and RRR were also huge hits because of their songs. Each of his songs created a craze. Bollywood needs to learn from the success of those films. Rakesh Roshan said about this, ‘You remember the hero from the old songs. When you listen to old classic songs, you remember the heroes seen in those songs. Nowadays, if there are no songs in films, then the hero is not remembered. That is why it is becoming very difficult to become a superstar today. You watch songs by actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Jeetendra, Dev Anand, Sanjeev Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Raj Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor. His songs were such an integral part of the films and played an important role in making the film a super hit. Or take the example of RRR and ‘Pushpa’. Every single song became a craze. So we should learn from their success.

Lal Singh Chaddha and Rakshabandhan thrashed badly

Prakash Jha: Prakash Jha is making bollywood people rubbish, if there is no story then stop making filmsGoldie Behl: Boycott is not the real reason for the flop of Bollywood films? Listening to Goldie Behl, you will also say – Jay Firerakesh Roshan told where Bollywood is beating South, Rakesh Roshan further told what is it in the South film industry that Bollywood filmmakers are losing. He said, ‘People in the South are still giving attention to stories that feel connected. They are presenting those stories very well keeping in mind the commercial element. Like ‘Bahubali’ is very similar to ‘Karan Arjun’. But he showed it on a much larger scale. The songs were also very large-than-life, so people liked it a lot. And our Bollywood filmmakers don’t know what has happened. They have turned away from the roots of Indianness. They try to make ‘modern cinema’, but it is liked by only 1% of the population. He is unable to reach the B and C centres. If you pick up stories that reach C, B and A centers and present them well, they will be liked by all.

‘Cannot make a film of 20 crores with actors who pay hefty fees’ Rakesh Roshan expressed grief over the fact that nowadays superficial films are being made in Bollywood with big star cast. He said, ‘If the filmmaker knows how much power his story has and how much business he will do, then he should cast actors accordingly. You can’t make a film worth 20 crores with actors who charge a hefty fee.

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