Neena Gupta told why she does not hate Vivian Richards, said- ‘Am I crazy?’

Neena Gupta is famous for her different style and superb acting. She is one such actress who never shy away from discussing her personal life. Neena recently said in a conversation that even though she has moved on from her previous relationships, she never hated her previous boyfriend.

Neena is busy promoting the latest season of ‘Masaba Masaba’. Talking to the Bollywood bubble, he said that it is impossible to hate someone whom you once loved. She says, ‘I believe once you love someone, how can you hate him? You can’t live together. I don’t hate my ex-boyfriend. I don’t hate my ex-husband. Why should I hate?’

Neena mentioned Vivian Richards, Neena, referring to cricketer Vivian Richards, said, ‘If someone makes me feel so bad then why would I be the mother of his child? Am I crazy?’ Masaba also spoke about her relationship with her father Vivian Richards and said that even though her parents were not together, her mother never tried to spoil her relationship with her father.

Masaba herself takes her decision, she says, ‘He never tried to spoil our relationship. I am an adult now and I know that I have a very good relationship with my father. They let me make my own decisions and let me decide what role a person will play in my life.

Neena Gupta raised Masaba alone. Neena Gupta had earlier told that she had raised Masaba alone. He had to keep working to meet the needs of his family. Today Neena Gupta is doing a great job in films and web series. She is seen playing a character outside her image in films and shows.

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