Naseeruddin Shah was angry with his father for life, said these things after visiting the grave – naseeruddin shah birthday when actor opened about troubled relationship with his father said it still haunts me

Actor Naseeruddin Shah himself has become the father of 3 children today and is leading a happy life with the family. But even today, his unresolved relationship with his father troubles him. Naseeruddin Shah’s father Mohammad Shah had high expectations from him throughout his life, but he never expressed it. Naseeruddin Shah also could not live up to the expectations of his father. Father and son never got together. Why the relationship deteriorated, what was the reason, it was never told by Naseeruddin Shah, but he still has the tension of those unresolved relationships in his mind.

Naseeruddin Shah’s 72nd birthday is on 20th July (Happy birthday Naseeruddin Shah) and a few years ago he wrote his biography And Then One Day. In this book, Naseeruddin Shah told shocking things from his struggle in the world of cinema to the deteriorating relationship with his father. In this book, Naseeruddin Shah had told how he could not reach his father for the last time. Naseeruddin Shah had told that he was not alive when he had to talk to his father about his heart. Then he went to his father’s grave and spoke true and heart. Read: Naseeruddin Shah told ‘The Kashmir Files’ ‘false’, Vivek Agnihotri said this on the massacre

Naseeruddin Shah had said in an interview to ‘Indian Express’ in 2014 about the deteriorating relationship with his father, ‘My relationship with Abba still bothers me. This is because the issues which were there were not resolved. The relationship remained unresolved. He never got closure. There was a lot of bitterness. But when I wrote about the bitterness with Abba in the book, I was able to come out of it a little bit and then look at that relationship from a new perspective.’

‘I also made the same mistakes with the children that Abba did to me’ Naseeruddin Shah had told that his first conversation with the father was when he left this world. What did Naseeruddin Shah miss in his relationship with his father, he came to know when he himself became a father. Naseeruddin Shah had told about this, ‘At that time it was not like you should keep your hands on your father’s shoulders or put your arms around your neck. My father himself used to call his father ‘Sarkar’. He had to make an appointment even to meet him. So in my opinion, from his point of view, he considered himself a very chill person. Just like I consider myself. But I realized that I made the same mistakes with my children that my father did with me. He was behind in disciplining him, not about what he would do or what not in life. It was really a blunder.

According to Naseeruddin Shah, he could never understand the father and then with time the distance between father and son kept increasing. Naseeruddin Shah still feels sad that he could neither reach nor see his father in his last moments. Naseeruddin Shah had told that he could not explain to the staff of an airline why it was necessary for him to board the flight. Later when he reached Sardhana, Abba was not there.

There was a conversation of ‘Dil’ at Abba’s grave, Naseeruddin Shah had said, ‘The day I reached Sardhana, I went to that part of the land where Baba was now. That day I had a heart-to-heart talk with him about what I was going to do with him in the times to come. That day I spoke to Abba about the film that I had just finished. I told him about my dreams and doubts. Told about Ratna, about which he did not even know anything. I knew he was listening to me. Suddenly I started feeling heavy in my heart. I started to realize that I had lost something. All of a sudden I started missing Abba a lot.

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