Mukesh Khanna said such a thing about ‘girl’ and ‘sex’, users put the actor’s class fiercely – Mukesh Khanna has made controversial statement netizens have slammed the actor

‘Shaktimaan’ aka Mukesh Khanna, who became the superhero of children by saying ‘small but fat things’, is often in the headlines due to his bad words. And every time he gets to hear people’s scolding. The same thing happened to him once again. When he made a video and said some such things in it, after which people reprimanded him fiercely. Let us tell you in detail. Actually, a video of actor Mukesh Khanna is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In this he is saying, ‘If any girl tells a boy that I want to have sex with you, then that girl is not a girl. She is doing business. Because no girl from a civilized society would ever do such shameless things. If she does then she does not belong to a civilized society. That is his business. Don’t be a participant in that.’

People lashed out at Mukesh Khanna, now as soon as this video came out, people started criticizing the actor. One wrote, ‘May the Orthodox prevail.’ One said, ‘When both Shakti and Mann leave you.’ One said, ‘I didn’t know that desires and wishes of women make them sex workers.’ One reprimanded the actor and said, ‘When Shaktimaan becomes cranky in old age and becomes cynical.’ One said, ‘Shakti would have been respected. ,

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