Miss India runner up Rubal Shekhawat’s parents opposed modeling, said – Papa wanted to send in the army

Sini Shetty was the winner of Femina Miss India in the year 2022. Rubal Shekhawat of Rajasthan became the first runner up of the contest. The journey till here was not easy for Ruble. Rubal has spoken openly to Navbharat Times about his victory, family and society.

How does it feel to be declared the first runner up of Femina Miss India 2022? I am feeling wonderful. It was not only my dream to become an India beauty but also my ambition. Since childhood, I wanted to do something so that I can raise the name of my community. I am originally from Rajasthan and always wanted to impress the society from which I come, with my proud journey. I am glad that I was able to do so. My mother and niece were also present in the finale and when my name was announced, my mom and niece were jumping with joy, and seeing their happiness brought tears to my eyes.

However, I could hardly hold back those tears, as I was being crowned at that time. Interview: Miss India Sini Shetty told her what is the best compliment of her life, said – Nani is my ideal What kind of challenges have you faced as a girl as a girl belonging to a traditional environment like Rajasthan? The challenges were many, as I come from a community where gender stereotypes and gender discrimination still exist. In the initial phase, it was difficult for me to choose this profession and move forward in it. When I started modeling, my family was against me.

My father is an army man, so he wanted me to join the army like him. When I was young, I also wanted to join the Indian Army and thought of serving my country, but when I grew up, I realized that I am more passionate about acting and modeling, so I went this route. Decided to choose Initially the parents were opposed, but when they realized that by following this path, I want to make not only myself but also them feel proud, they supported me despite having divergent thinking. My first beauty pageant was from Rajasthan.

When my parents felt that my happiness lies in this and I am not harming anyone by choosing this path, they supported me in every way. Apart from this, I have faced another challenge in my childhood. I used to be very skinny then and I was ridiculed a lot, but it was my parents who instilled confidence in me. My parents taught me how to have a positive attitude in life. On the red carpet of Miss India 2022, 48-year-old Malaika robbed the gathering, some said Kim Kardashian and some liked Jennifer Lopez, in this journey of becoming an Indian beauty, did you ever have doubts about your own talent? When you are participating in a prestigious contest like Femina Miss India 2022 and you have 30 state winners with you, there are times when self doubts will come whether I will be behind? Will I be doing something wrong somewhere? But then whenever such negative thoughts came, I would look in the mirror and ask myself why am I here? At such times, I used to talk to my mother and sister. They both have been pillars of support for me.

I used to feel very positive after seeing him. Who Is Rubal Shekhawat: Who is Miss India First Runner-up Rubal Shekhawat, who chose career against family and society Are you interested to work in the field of Maternal and Child Health Care? Is there any particular reason behind this? In Rajasthan, I have seen in many places that women are treated as child-bearing machines. It was such a bitter truth, which was always around me. There was a house help in my house, who was a mother of three daughters and she was going through many health problems, but despite this, she had to conceive for the fourth time because the family wanted a son. At that time I saw him struggling with his health and work. They were also financially weak. At that time I felt that if these people give birth to such a child due to scarcity, which they cannot raise properly, then somewhere they become a liability on themselves and the society. Yes, if you can raise a child properly and make him a good person, then it is an asset to the country. This is the reason why I want to work for the health of all such women and children. I don’t want people to think of a woman as a child-making machine. Or live with the thought that if there is no son then the family will not be complete.

I want to make people aware with the thought that having a girl child is enough for a family. Education will be my next initiative, but my first task will be to ensure the health of mother and child. Miss India 2022 Winner: Sini Shetty of Karnataka won the title of ‘Miss India World 2022’, first runner up from Rajasthan and second runner up You are three sisters in your family, so do you have the pressure of ‘I wish there was a son’ in your house felt it? Yes, I have faced this thought throughout my childhood. I am the youngest of three sisters, so usually when I was asked how many brothers and sisters I have and when they found out that I had no brothers, they would feel sad and sympathize with me. But when I came to my house and told this thing, my father would say, ‘Are you less than my son? You are my son.

My parents never allowed all three of us sisters to feel that they wished they had a son. This is also one of the reasons why I want to work in the field of maternity and child health. Miss India 2022 Video: Neha Dhupia’s daughter Mehr, who dominated the Miss India event, Papa Angad Bedi kept this in mind, what do you think about the Anti-Abortion Law? I am against this law. The fundamental right of a woman is to take decisions related to her body, it is simple that when a woman becomes a mother, her life is affected the most. If you are not mentally, physically and financially capable enough to raise a child properly, then you have no right to bring him into the world.

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