Katrina Kaif knows Manvinder for 3 years and her sister – Vicky Kaushal

The man who threatened to kill Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal was immediately arrested by the Mumbai Police. The accused was named Manvinder, who was described as a struggling actor as well as a Jabra fan of Katrina Kaif. Now accused Manvinder Singh’s lawyer Sandeep Sharekhane has claimed that his client neither stocked Katrina Kaif nor threatened to kill Vicky. He has told all these allegations against him as false, while the police remand copy states that accused Manvinder Singh had sent a message to Vicky Kaushal to keep him at gunpoint and the date of his RIP i.e. Rest in Peace is final. – Katrina and her family have known her for 3 years, her lawyer has told, ‘Katrina Kaif and her family have known my client very well for 3 years.

Manvinder was in touch with Katrina Kaif and her family since 2019, both of them used to have conversations through phone and social media, and he was in constant touch with his sister Ayesha Kaif. A lot of comments have been deleted by Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal from Instagram, just to implicate my client.” Said- My client is a struggling actor He has also said in defense of Manvinder, ‘My client is a struggling actor, and Being in the same industry, they know each other.

Custody of 2 days, tells that it has been argued by the police in the court that they have to investigate the Instagram ID, to investigate the threat, so the court has given custody for 2 days.

The message of RIP i.e. Rest in Peace date is final, Wherein the things mentioned in the police remand copy it has been told that accused Manvinder Singh kept Vicky Kaushal at gunpoint and his RIP i.e. Rest in Peace date is to be finalized. The message was sent. The accused had threatened to kill Vicky Kaushal by sending this message.

Vicky Kaushal had filed a complaint at the Santacruz Police Station, let us tell you that Vicky Kaushal had lodged a complaint against unknown people at the Santacruz police station and told that he and his wife Katrina Kaif had received death threats. On the complaint of Vicky Kaushal, a case was registered by the Santa Cruz police under sections 506(2) and 354(D) of the IPC.

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