‘Kasim Chacha’ Harish Rai shot KGF 2 while battling cancer, money crunch made him in such a condition – kgf chapter 2 actor harish rai reveals he is suffering from 4th stage of throat cancer that’s why kept beard to hide swelling

Everyone must have seen the Kannada industry’s pan India film ‘KGF Chapter 2’. Actor Harish Rai, who played the role of Kasim, will also be remembered in this. The same who helped Yash aka Rocky Bhai a lot from childhood till after marriage. One of his interviews is going viral. In this, he is referring to the fact that he had to grow a beard not for this movie but to hide the swelling in his throat from cancer. In an interview given to a YouTuber, Harish Rai tells that he had throat cancer. But he did not have money for its treatment. And he was also battling with this disease during the shooting of KGF 2. There was a lot of swelling in his throat, which he had extended to hide it. He says, ‘Sometimes circumstances are kind to you and sometimes they take everything away from you. There is no way to escape your fate. I have cancer since last three years. This was also one of the reasons I had a beard in KGF. Because my neck was swollen due to this disease and that had to be hidden.

Srinidhi Shetty Remuneration: ‘KGF’ fame Srinidhi Shetty doubled the fees, demanded huge fees for Vikram’s ‘Cobra’ Harish Rai did not have the money for treatment Harish Rai further told that he did not have any money for treatment. That’s why it got delayed. He said, ‘There was a shortage of money for cancer surgery, so it was delayed. Now things have become worse. Because I postponed the surgery for some time. Earlier there was no money for this. I waited for the release of the film. Now I am on the fourth stage. Everything has gone bad. However, Harish Rai had also made a video to seek help from his close friends and industry friends. But he could never post it because he didn’t have the guts for it.

KGF 3 Release Time: Will ‘KGF-3’ not be made yet? Director Prashant Neel said this about the franchise, Harish Rai has been part of the Kannada industry for 25 years, let us tell you that Harish Rai played the role of Kasim uncle in both the parts of KGF. His role was also well liked by the audience. Apart from this, he is a part of Kannada film industry for 25 years. He has worked in ‘Bangalore Underworld’, ‘Dhan Dana Dhan’ and ‘Nanna Kanasina Hoove’. Made in a budget of 100 crores, this movie earned about 1200 crores at the box office.

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