Karan Johar reveals the secrets of the party where Aditya Roy Kapur was seen with Ananya.

On entering Karan Johar’s popular chat show ‘Koffee with Karan 7’, Ananya Pandey said I have never gotten such a big hug before. Karan Johar asked- Is it really? Ananya said on they – did not meet Vijaydevarkonda. Ananya told Karan Johar in the make-up room that she tried to hit the line on Vijay. Ananya told in the show that she feels that many girls like her, but Vijay says that it is not so. Vijay tells Ananya that she should come from the front and give clear and direct gestures. Vijay also said that he never takes the first step.

Vijay praised AnanyaVijay said – girls should always come from the front. After this, Ananya shows her neon dress so that Vijay notices her. Vijay praises him on this. Vijay also told what Ananya used to do on the sets of the film ‘Liger’. He told that Ananya is very cute and she learns quickly. He told that she used to make him laugh a lot and she is also quite a foodie. . Vijay told that one day he also went on a date, on which Ananya is surprised. Vijay said that Ananya wore a very nice dress that day and it was like a date. Ananya said that it was a friendly date.

Rashmika Mandanna Se Achhi Hai Vijay’s friendshipVijay praised Rashmika Mandanna on the show saying that they are very good friends and did two films with her at the beginning of her career. When Karan should talk about their relationship, Vijay changed things. He said that he does not want to upset his fans by talking about this, who will have posters on his walls. Asked – What is going on between you and Aditya Roy Kapur? Did she break up with Ishaan Khatter? On this Ananya says that now I am single. Ananya says I don’t want to talk about the past. When Karan asked Ananya for a date with Karthik Aryan, the actress said that tomorrow is not known, as they say and you say – there is no tomorrow. Karan asked who is on his radar now? After this, he remembers the things of his party and says – I saw something in the party, on which Ananya stops him. Karan asks- What is going on between you and Aditya Roy Kapur? Ananya shrugged and said – We are friends. Ananya says- She is very hot.

Karan said – I have heard steamy talks with him Karan said – whoever sits on the couch, his words become true. Karan says- We know you can date him because Aditya is hot and I have heard steamy things with him. Ananya said – There was a little dance there.

Talking about Suhana and Shanaya, Ananyakaran asks Ananya about her friends Suhana Khan, and Shanaya Kapoor that now all have appeared in films, do they think their friendship will survive. Ananya says that it is not just friendship but it has become a family now. Ananya says nothing like this is going to happen because when they were growing up together they played acting games together and dreamed the same. Ananya said- I will love Suhana and Shanaya’s success more than my success.

Ananya said- Aryan had a crush on Aryan Khan and asked Aryan Khan if he had a crush on Suhana’s elder brother Aryan Khan. Ananya said- Yes she is cute, yes I was growing up.

Vijay said- I will be grateful for the insults, troubles, and obstacles in life. He said- I will be grateful to the insults, difficulties, and obstacles I have faced in my life.

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