Independence, Adnan Sami and that allegation of insult to 130 crore Indians

Adnan Sami has been living in Mumbai for the last 24-25 years. Even though he was born in Pakistan, he always considered India as his country. Adnan Sami also got the citizenship of the country and now he is a fully Indian citizen. But he was always put in the dock of questions. In 2020, when Adnan Sami was selected for the Padma Shri award, many political parties, including the NCP, stood against Adnan Sami. The NCP had even said that the Padma Shri award to Adnan Sami is an insult to 130 crore Indians. Adnan Sami is being talked about because today i.e. August 15 is his birthday. Birthday is also the day on which India celebrates the festival of independence. Long time to prove patriotism for India Adnan Sami took many decades to prove his love and patriotism for India. From Salman Khan to Govinda, he worked with all the Bollywood actors and sang a lot of songs. But when it came to giving him the status of being an Indian citizen and the Padma Shri award, everyone stood up with a flag against him.

Born on 15 August to a Pakistani pilot, Adnan Sami was born on 15 August 1971 in London. His father was a pilot in the Pakistan Air Force, while mother Naureen Khan was an Indian, who was from Jammu. Adnan Sami was educated and brought up there. After that he also lived in Canada and the United Arab Emirates. But the kind of love and respect he got in India, he did not get it anywhere. For this reason, Adnan Sami later decided to settle in Mumbai and in 2016 he got Indian citizenship.

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Made Pakistan ‘enemy’ to be India’s ‘enemy’ Adnan Sami considers Mumbai as his home. Regarding this, he said in an interview to ‘The News’ in 2017 that he feels very comfortable in Mumbai. It is as if it is their own home. People love him immensely. For this reason he decided to take citizenship of India. However, in this affair, many of his relations with him were snatched away. Even the fans of his own country Pakistan got angry with him. People started calling Adnan Sami a ‘traitor’ on social media. But Adnan Sami had to say that when doctors can go to Britain to make their career, then why can’t they live freely where their heart and soul resides.

Read: Adnan Sami deleted all the posts on Instagram, said- goodbye Adnan to Padma Shri means insult to 130 crore Indian citizens not fully accepted. This thing came to the fore when on 26 January 2020, the matter of awarding Padma Shri to Adnan Sami came to the fore. Many opposition parties, including the NCP, started protesting saying that Adnan Sami’s father had been an Air Force pilot of Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. He had bombed India. In such a situation, giving Padma Shri to Adnan Sami is an insult to 130 crore Indians.

Opposition parties raised questions NCP then questioned Adnan Sami’s Padma Shri award and said that if someone from Pakistan says ‘Jai Modi’, will he also get Indian citizenship and Padma Shri award? Adnan Sami was very saddened by this ruckus. But his misery dissipated when he was honored with the Padma Shri at Rashtrapati Bhavan. He had become emotional. Talking about his musical journey, Adnan Sami also spoke about the ‘mother’ who inspired him to get into music.

Adnan Sami, who came to India because of Asha Bhosle, calls singer Asha Bhosle his ‘musical mother’. It was Asha Bhosle who advised him to enter the world of music. Adnan Sami first met Asha Bhosle at the age of 10. It was Asha Bhosle who told him that you come to India from Canada and make your career here. Adnan Sami had come to India only to take the advice of Asha Bhosle. But he got a chance to sing his first song ‘Kabhi To Nazar Milao’ with Asha Bhosle. This is where Adnan Sami’s stardom started.

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