If you want to run films like South, then should Bollywood also adopt this fund? Such is the opinion of experts

In the era where Bollywood films are yearning for earning, South cinema films are doing consistently well. Here the seats in theaters are not filled even on the first day, while South films are reaching the 100 crore club in a few days. The main reason for this is whether there are cheap theater tickets. We tried to know if cheapening Bollywood movie tickets will do any good for the industry?

There is also a limit set by the government on the cost of cinema tickets in Telugu cinema, in an era where Bollywood films are yearning for earnings, South cinema films are performing consistently well. Chiyan Vikram’s Tamil film ‘Cobra’, which released last week, has taken an opening of around Rs 10 crore in Tamil Nadu only on the first day. Experts believe that the reason for the bumper performance of South Cinema films is that their tickets are very cheap. Due to this, even low-income fans can watch the film in the cinema with their entire family. For example, if you want to watch the first day shows of your favorite star’s film in Chennai, you can enjoy it for less than Rs.100 ticket. Whereas on the contrary, the price of cinema tickets has increased significantly after Corona in the Hindi belt. In a city like Delhi, you may have to spend thousands of rupees to watch a movie with the whole family. Experts from the film world say that the limit on the price of cinema tickets in Tamil and Telugu cinema is also fixed by the government. Cinemas there cannot increase the ticket price more than a limit. Whereas there is no such limit in Hindi belt states. This is the reason that after Corona, their expensive tickets are also being told as a reason for the audience coming to the cinema to watch selected films.

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‘Average content goes in low price too’ Producer and film business analyst Girish Johar says, ‘For a film to run, its craze among fans, its content and low price of tickets, all three things are necessary. But if the ticket prices are low, then the audience also comes to see the film with average content at the cinema. For example, we also eat dumplings with more salt at a lower price. Similarly, if the movie ticket prices are low, then the expectations of the audience also go down. Take the example of ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2′ that the film was not very good, but the film did well due to low ticket prices.’

Craze of ‘Cobra’, shows start from 5 in the morning According to the experts of the film world, the mathematics of the success of most of the films of South Cinema is that due to the low price of their tickets, the theaters run housefull and the cinema halls are left in the morning. Shows have to run till late night. Before this a good collection comes from day one. The craze of Chiyan Vikram’s film ‘Cobra’ can be gauged from the fact that its shows have started from 5 in the morning. At the same time, a large number of fans are reaching to watch the film of their favorite star. Not only Cobra but other South films are also doing well. Recently released Telugu film ‘Karthikeya 2’ did well at the box office. At the same time, Dhanush’s Tamil film Thiruchitrabalam, which released last week, is also ready to knock in the 100 crore club. The proximity of the South stars to the fans, while the fans of the actors in the South are also very important.

The stars themselves watch the film among the fans on the first day, while the fans club take the responsibility of making the theaters housefull. This is the reason that even after having less audience and less cinema in South, the films there earn more than Hindi films. Apart from this, the stars of South take the feedback of their fans very seriously. For example, Chiyan Vikram’s film ‘Cobra’ earned well on the first day, but received feedback from the fans for the length of the film, so Chiyan, along with the producer and director of the film, made a 20-minute shorter version of the film on the second day in cinemas. Dropped in. Due to having direct communication with your favorite stars, where the craze of films in South Cinema before its release is tremendous. At the same time, their content is also good and the prices of tickets are low. That’s why films get good response. Whereas, on the contrary, Bollywood movies are facing the problem of weak content these days. At the same time, the craze of Bollywood stars has also decreased due to continuous flop films. The increased cost of cinema tickets made up for it. Therefore, now if the audience is to be brought back to the cinema, then the Hindi film industry will have to make the prices of cinema tickets as cheap as South Cinema. For example, Rajkumar Mehrotra, CEO of Delight Cinemas, when talking about this, says, “The prices of cinema tickets are already not very high here. We have not increased the prices of tickets here before Kovid. Despite incurring a lot of loss in Kovid, we are showing cinema to the people at the old price. The management has to think a lot before increasing the price of single screen cinema tickets.

In the last days, the price of cinema tickets has also come down in the Hindi belt, while on the question of the high price of tickets in multiplexes, Yogesh Raizada, Vice President of Wave Cinemas says, “It is not our decision to increase or decrease the price of tickets. In this, the producer and distributor also have to decide how much they want to charge for their film. Everyone knows that the expenses of running our cinema are not met on the basis of tickets alone. It is a matter of cheap cinema like South, so in the morning shows, our audience can enjoy watching cinema at a low price. At the same time, even after the weekend, the prices of our tickets are reduced here. Anyway, considering the condition of the films at the moment, no producer is in a position to keep the prices of the tickets of their films high. In the last days, the price of cinema tickets in Hindi belt has also come down.

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