How To Increase Sales On Etsy. 4 Tips By Sell successfully.

How To Increase Sales On Etsy

Mostly people ask me question how to increase sales on Etsy?

Etsy is my favorite designer platform. I have been strolling there for almost 6 years and it is thanks to this site that I discovered the creative profession. Etsy therefore has a big place in my heart because it is by discovering talents that I wanted to work with creative entrepreneurs!

Etsy and me, so it’s a great love story! I had the chance to visit their premises, to interview their managers and recently, I became affiliated with them, something I recommend to all those who want to support handmade creators while funding loads of their blogs.

My problem with Etsy is that it’s an ocean. Better still, a galaxy. There are so many things there that it is very difficult to stand out and stand out in this cloud of products. Me who likes to do research to find people to interview or gifts to buy, I have a lot of trouble to find the little nuggets that you are!

Often times, I’m frustrated to find a super talented designer and realize that I have never found his Etsy shop during my hours of research!

You will quickly understand, Etsy can open many doors for you, provided you know and apply all the cogs to make yourself visible and stand out. If you want to increase your sales and be successful on Etsy, how to increase sales on etsy? here are my 4 tips:

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1 / Take beautiful photos!

how to increase sales on etsy? because it is big  designer platform

By beautiful, I mean: crisp + bright + simple. If you want to grab the attention of a customer viewing pages and product pages, your photos need to stand out. To do this, make sure that you highlight your product, that it is not blurred, and that it stands out well from its environment. To do this, bet on photos with sharp details, light to reveal the object and draw the eye to it and an image not overloaded so that your product is highlighted.

2 / Optimize your SEO on the platform!

Etsy is like a search engine  in this way  increase sales on etsy. Suppose you sell polka dot socks. If you don’t make the effort to name your products and fill their description with good keywords (here “polka dot socks”), how do you want me to find you by typing “polka dot socks” in the bar? research ? 🙂

Etsy tries to have a powerful search engine so that all queries are met. As entrepreneurs, you want your real wool or organic cotton products to be highlighted. So make sure it is entered correctly in your product sheets so that the next customer looking for organic wool polka dot socks immediately comes across your products in results!

3 / Be unique!

Take the time to observe the most successful brands, what do they have in common? They have an inimitable style! As soon as someone tries to copy them, no one will be fooled because someone unique will remain so. So get away from the inspirations you find everywhere on the web and do something that looks like you. It’s your one and only way to stand out over the long term!

4 / Subscribe to Etsy Resolution

To learn more about the best practices to implement to sell successfully on Etsy, I invite you to subscribe to their free Etsy Resolution training ! You will see all these points in detail and learn how to stand out by optimizing and promoting your store. The godmother of this training is none other than Lisa Gachet, the creator of Make my Lemonade ! She will be accompanied by two creators who have had great success on Etsy:

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