How To increase Sales in Business 10 General Ways

How To increase Sales in Business

Here we offer all the means to improve the sales of your business.We first present the classic ways to increase your sales, but also the new ways that you can use by web marketing, which has become essential.For each of them we can help you or even train you so that you can do it yourself.

10 General Ways How To increase Sales in Business.

We offer 10 simple tips that we use that is how to increase sales . The following tips apply to a representative, but also to the sales management of a company.

1 Select your customers

Select your customers and put your efforts on those who offer the most potential, this is called classification into categories A, B, C, D. Customers A are your big customers who no longer have of potential, they are yours, you must retain them, because they will be attacked by the competition. Customers B are important, but you only do small business with them, they are customers A of your competitors, you must try to recover them. The priority is to put your energies in the right places in the sale and your turnover will increase by itself.

2 Customer visits increase sales in business

Increase the number of your customer visits increase sales in business, if a representative increases the number of visits by 20% he should statistically increase his sales by the same figure

3 Develop your canvassing

Develop your canvassing through telephone solicitation of prospects. Prospecting is necessary to compensate for the compulsory losses of existing customers. The solution for prospecting is to allow time periods of at least one or two half-days per week to call the key prospects who will allow you to develop your business.

4 Easiest way to prospect and find new customers

Ask for references from each satisfied customer or one who says no, the easiest way to prospect and find new customers is to call someone else.

5 Do you think it’s obvious

the old obsolete sales pitch techniques. Do you think it’s obvious? Go buy in a store or do business with a representative, you will see that the majority of them have been very well trained in their products, but have no serious approach centered on your needs that a good adviser should have. The internal training services of companies are excellent for technical training, but generally not very competent for sales advice techniques.

6 Use social media to promote yourself

Use social media to promote yourself. Social networks can allow you to achieve several different objectives: to be recognized by your current customers, to introduce you to new customers, to distribute the offers and products or service that you sell. You must have personal or business pages in LinkedIn, Video, Facebook, Google+, Discus. Learn how to use it, but also how to use other people’s social media. On the other hand, there are tips to know so as not to get banned from the pages you use.

7 Carry out advertising campaigns on Facebook

Carry out advertising campaigns on Facebook , it is the cheapest and most profitable social network currently according to the majority of digital marketers. Start trying with small budgets of a few dollars, you will learn to target and measure the results.

8 Best way SEO your website

How to increase sales in business? Best way SEO your website by writing articles that you can publish on your site blog or on your LinkedIn page with links pointing to your site. You can also exchange articles with friendly and complementary sites, all this contributes to the SEO of your site , therefore to its publication on the first page of the search engines thanks to natural referencing. Some say that a company that is not on the front page of Google does not exist!

9 Organize targeted campaigns using paid AdWords

Organize targeted campaigns using paid Ad Words in the main search engines, ie Google and Bing. You can start with a small budget to familiarize yourself with the tool. More and more marketers believe that the more it pays to be visible on a search engine than on a poster or in a magazine, the more it can be cheaper.

10 Train and educate yourself

Train and educate yourself to always be ahead of the parade, follow the conventions on digital marketing , things are going very fast now and you cannot be in sales without knowing what is going on. If only for your customers, you need to know more than them in order to advise them.

How to increase sales in business.

Best Plans for How to increase sales in business.

1. Sales development plan

The sales development plan is the lowest in the scale of commercial reorganization and does not require the approval of the general management which generally takes a long time in large companies.

The first step is to put simple and clear measures and objectives, this is the condition which makes it possible to check whether the results of the sales optimization intervention, it is also a key element for the motivation of the sellers and of the entire sales organization.

We then work with the best sellers to know the sales techniques that they apply intuitively and that must be rationalized so that they can be transposed to everyone and adapted to the sales strategy that we use, in short we want to better advise clients to work on the long term, we refuse pressure techniques even if they are effective in the short term. We can then create the sales pitch which is validated by the sales department.

Sales training for managers is the next step because there is no point in coaching representatives if they do not fully understand the art of persuasion, negotiation, and the arguments of the company.

We can then launch the training of natural groups accompanied by their respective managers so that they follow the material a second time and can assess the acquisition of the skills of their sales team.

At the end of the training of the first group of sellers we launch a mobilization competition between the teams simultaneously with the coaching carried out by the team leaders. Support must be permanent and sales agents whose results do not change must be reoriented

The results follow naturally but we see that nothing is left to chance.

2. Marketing plan

how to increase sales
how to increase sales

The first step of a strategic marketing plan is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, we propose to observe the different functions, production, research and development, the finance department, purchasing , marketing, sales as well as the marketing mix, i.e.

the placement of our client’s product in relation to the competition, the price in relation to the market and the competition, the efficiency of distribution, the strength and sales, advertising and promotion. The external study focuses on the market, regulations and competition, which makes it possible to carry out a systematic “SWOT” analysis.

The marketing plan must now incorporate a web strategy part that we explain at the bottom of this page. We then help our client to develop the broad lines of his strategic choice, the defense of a strong position, the attack of the leaders or the withdrawal in a niche market, each of these strategies involves different tactics to deploy.

The execution of the tactics is carried out by applying the marketing mix and is extended by the sales development plan, one of the facets of which is that which we described in the previous chapter.

3. Strategic plan

The strategic planning is the heart of the action of the company and aims to harmonize all the forces of the organization in order to achieve short development, medium and long term.

We help our customers to optimize each of the points, the priority of course being to imagine the vision of the company, the mission which results from it, the values ​​in which it wants to live it and finally the concrete objectives for the year.

Achieving objectives requires the choice of a strategy, the execution of which must be carried out by the company’s human resources in an optimal structure, that is to say with the right people in the right places, which may be easy to say, but which requires a perfect knowledge of individuals and tasks as well as the planning of flying teams to replace key people during their absence, all complemented by a succession management plan.

But the best people are not efficient if the processes and systems are dysfunctional, it is therefore a question of studying them and simplifying them if necessary and it is here too that we can help you so that you can continue to devote yourself to the achieve your goals.

4. Web marketing

Web marketing

Web marketing has become essential for sales development, it includes very distinct categories that we describe on this site and to which you can refer.

SEO or natural referencing

SEO is the strategy to rank yourself at the top of the search engines. Unlike solicitation on the phone or by email it is a pull strategy, that is to say that the customer finds you when he seeks to buy, which is a significant advantage. SEO is free but generally has to be part of a long-term strategy

Social networks

Social networks are one of the preferred means to create viral marketing campaigns, it is also the fastest developing web marketing sector, in particular to reach young people. Social networks can be used for free to increase your sales, but you can also use paid advertising for sometimes low prices.

Call to action on site

Call To Action or CTA (Call To Action) strategies are designed to encourage the customer to tire of action once they are on your page. This can mean buying, but also making an appointment, filling out a form. A site must not only be calf, it must also be effective.

Web strategy

AdWords campaigns

AdWords are paid ads that allow you to immediately top the search engines concerned. The advantage is that it allows you quick results, the disadvantage is that the click through rate is generally lower than that of organic SEO, that it is more expensive in the long term and that its geographic coverage depends on the campaign budget .

Ad campaigns

Ad campaigns above all allow you to improve the visibility and awareness of your brand at a lower cost, but they can also aim to increase interaction with your customers or even purchases on your site. Remarketing is one of the possibilities offered by the Google Display Network.

The web marketing strategy allows you to plan and optimize all of these means to increase your sales.

Our training to develop sales

  • Sales training, we offer generic and specific training.
  • Web marketing training
  • SEO training
  • Social media training
  • AdWords Training

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