House of the dragon trailer out game of thrones prequel set to stream on disney hotstar from 22 august in india

In the world of web series, the one show that won everyone’s heart made everyone crazy, made everyone’s mind like this, it is coming back! Yes, we are talking about ‘Game of Thrones. The web series that changed the world of TV shows. The fans of this series are like football or cricket leagues. Those who died for different teams. For a long time, the fans of the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel ‘House of the Dragon’ were eagerly waiting. HBO Max has finally not only released the trailer of this new series but has also announced its release date.

House of the Dragon is a prequel to its original series Game of Thrones. That is the story before whatever happened in ‘Game of Thrones. In the trailer of about two and a half minutes, once again dragons are seen flying in the sky. Once again a glimpse of the Iron Throne has been seen, for which so much blood has been shed that even the river’s edge becomes less. This time the story will see the emphasis of men as well as women to capture the Iron Throne. The series will stream on HBO Max from August 21, while viewers in India will be able to watch it on Disney+Hotstar from August 22. In the first season of this web series, 10 episodes will be telecasted.

What is in the trailer, what is the story of the series, and what is seen in the trailer is more or less the same as what the makers had said earlier? That is, ‘House of the Dragon’ will be the story of Viserys Targaryen, who dreams of seeing his successor on the Iron Throne. By law, the eldest daughter Renera is its first contender. But what if the story was simple? No woman has ever ruled this Iron Throne. Now preparations begin to make Viserys brother Damon Targaryen the successor. But in the meantime, their new wife of Viserys also wants to become a mother. That is, a new successor of the Iron Throne can be born.

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo web series is being compared to Squid Game, know what is so special about it, in this civil war, fire from the sky, in the dragon trailer where Damon Targaryen claims himself to be the successor, while there are those who challenge his declaration. Viserys’s cousin also wants to become queen. So will there be a queen, not a king, on the Iron Throne this time? A civil war-like situation is seen in the story, where dragons flying in the sky are spewing fire.

Sex Life Web Series: Mother of two children is unhappy with sex life with husband, ex-boyfriend has returned, what should he do now? Story of ‘House of the Dragon’ 200 years before ‘Game of Thrones’ in the year 2018 Aaye is based on RR Martin’s novel ‘Fire and Blood’. If you want to understand the chronology of the story, then understand that whatever happened in ‘Game of Thrones, the story of ‘House of the Dragon’ is 200 years before that. Which heralds the end of House Targaryen.

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