For Trp, the makers made the delivery of sister-in-law to brother-in-law, people say – there is no longer a family show

 Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Hai is witnessing a funny twist at the moment. Let us tell you that after seeing the recent episode, people are getting very angry on social media. It is shown on this episode that Pakhi is going to give birth to Virat and Sai’s child. When there is no one at home, Virat has to get Pakhi delivered. Sai gives instructions over a video call. A scene with 3 Idiots will be created in the serial. People have negative comments on this. People have written about the viral clip. The show was not worth watching with the family members.

According to the information, Pakhi will give birth to a son in the show. There is no one at home. Even an ambulance could not come in heavy rain. Meanwhile, Virat reaches home and gets the delivery done. Sai gives instructions. Sai tells Pakhi to push and asks Virat to help her. In the episode, Virat is shown getting Paakhi delivered.

show spoiler

At the same time, users are constantly raging about this. At the same time, people say that the makers do not do anything for TRP. One user has written that the makers are only spoiling the show. It is written in a comment, that now the TRP should fall, what was the need to show this scene? People have written quite negatively about the episode the brother-in-law is getting the delivery of the sister-in-law done. The show was not worth watching with the family.

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