Even while changing clothes and taking a bath, the eyes of the team were on Britney Spears, said- suffered all this in 14 years

Famous Hollywood pop singer Britney Spears has recently been in news for being freed from her conservatorship (protection rights) after 14 years. Britney Spears has already expressed her happiness about this freedom and now she has also vented her anger on social media. Britney has made many posts on social media and told what she had to face in the last 14 years. The Grammy Award-winning singer said that the management security team who oversaw him for 14 years was watching him every step of the way. He told that many times the eyes of the team used to fall on him in his own house, sometimes naked while changing clothes and sometimes even while taking a bath.

Many angry posts were made on Instagram, which was deletedBritney Spears made many angry posts on Instagram on Monday, which she has now deleted. Pointing to other musicians, Britney Spears also said that they were never treated like this. For example, Britney took the name of Jennifer Lopez.

Given Jennifer Lopez’s example Womanizer Singer Britney Spears further wrote in her post, ‘I would like someone to ask Jennifer Lopez to sit for 8 hours seven days a week…not in the car. I would like to see the management team ask Jennifer Lopez to do everything that I have gone through. What rubbish… do you think she will be able to do this, her family will never agree to it.’

The team used to see them naked and bathing while changing clothes, and their anger erupts over what Britney went through under her father’s tutelage. Singer once again vented his anger over what he had suffered during those 14 years because of the security team that monitored him from time to time. He said that he was instructed by the security team to stay indoors. She was in a house without a privacy door and that was the reason why the team used to see her naked and bathing while changing clothes. Brittany said that for 14 years she didn’t have to listen to what she wanted and what she had to do, which ruined it all.

Medications that were on a regular basis have been discontinuedBritney has said that however, it was not as bad as the fact that her family had placed her under house arrest for 4 months at that place. Singer has said that the drugs she was on were suddenly taken off and then she was just on lithium.

Britney Spears cried in court against father, told the judge – please, give me my freedom She was After 14 years in November 2021, the right of guardianship of the father has been removed by the judge.

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