Despite having a simple face, he made his place on the basis of acting, more than 100 films in a career of 60 years

Naseeruddin was honored with 3 National Awards, 3 Filmfare Awards, Padma Shri, and Padma Bhushan for acting. Today the best actor Naseeruddin Shah is celebrating his 72nd birthday. Naseeruddin has made a different place in the industry on the basis of his acting. Naseer comes from a Nawab family. In such a situation, he stepped into the film world by going against his father. He has done 60 years of his life in the name of Bollywood and during this time he has given more than 100 films to Bollywood. He has made films in different languages ​​like Hindi, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, and Marathi in his career. Naseer holds some different views, so his name has often been associated with many controversies. So let’s know some interesting tales of this great actor for 72 years.

Naseeruddin Shah was born on 20 July 1950 in a Nawab family in Barabanki. In an interview, Shah said that his father’s elder brother went to Pakistan during the partition and his father chose India. His father was a Tehsildar in Barabanki. Partition also affected his family. Naseeruddin was very weak in their studies in school. He says that in his childhood he never tried to put his heart into studies. His 50th position came in the 8th class result. In fact, there were only 50 children in Naseer’s class and his position was last. At this time, most of his attention was on cricket, he also used to note down the score of the Test match to be held at that time.

After schooling, Naseeruddin’s inclination started moving towards acting. In such a situation, after the completion of school, he graduated from Aligarh Muslim University. Naseer was good at acting, so he took admitted in the National School of Drama in Delhi to further improve his skill. Every artist who came out from here is considered special. So how could Naseeruddin not be accepted? His acting was highly appreciated but his face was not like a hero’s, due to which he was fired from the place where he went to audition, saying in which role to keep you.

In 1975, Naseeruddin met Shyam Benegal, a well-known producer-director. Shyam Benegal was preparing to make his film Nishant in those days. Shyam appeared as a rising star in Naseeruddin Shah. He chose Naseer for the film Nishant. Naseeruddin was in the role of Vishwam in this 1975 film. The film could not do anything special but his acting was recognized by everyone.

1976 proved to be an important milestone in Naseeruddin Shah’s acting career. This year came his role and successful films like Manthan. New colors of his actions were seen in the film Manthan made on the milk revolution. For the production of this film, about 5 lakh farmers of Gujarat gave 2-2 rupees out of their daily wages to the filmmakers, and later when the film was released, it proved to be a super hit at the box office. After that, he never looked back.

In 1977, Naseeruddin Shah, along with his friends Benjamin Gilani and Tom Alter, founded a theater group called Montale Productions, under whose banner Samuel Beckett’s directorial debut Waiting for Godo was screened at the Prithvi Theatre.

The audience got to see a new dimension of Naseeruddin’s acting in the 1979 film Sparsh. Playing the role of a blind man in this film was a huge challenge for any actor. Telling the audience everything with facial expressions was such an example of his acting talent, which hardly any actor could replicate. He was given the National Award for Best Actor for his excellent performance in this film. Apart from this, Naseeruddin’s best acting was also seen in the 1980 film Aakrosh.

Om Puri was a special friend

Naseeruddin Shah’s special friend was Om Puri. From the days of struggle to success, the friendship of both remained unbroken. Once enraged by Naseer’s success, his friend Jaspal attacked him with a knife. Jaspal was a special friend of Naseer. In such a situation, he had no idea that he was going to do something like this with him, during which Om Puri was also with him. When Jaspal went to attack Naseeruddin for the second time, Om Puri caught him and handed him over to the police. Then Om Puri took Naseeruddin to the hospital in the police car itself. From here, their friendship deepened and Om Puri remained a special friend of Naseeruddin till his death.

Married Naseeruddin fell in love with Ratna

Naseeruddin met Ratna Pathak on the set of the film. Both had done many films together like Mirch Masala, and The Perfect Murder. During this, their friendship turned into love. Before falling in love, Naseeruddin was married and had to pay Mehr’s amount to his wife Manara for divorce. He did not have money at that time, so he started collecting money for a divorce. During this, Naseeruddin remained live with Ratna. Then when Meher’s money was collected, he divorced his wife and married Ratna Pathak in 1982. Now both have 3 children.

Worked in more than 100 films in a film career of 60 years

Naseer has acted in more than 100 films in his acting career spanning 60 years. He has done films in many languages ​​like Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, and English. He has shown his acting prowess in many great films like Hum Paanch, Masoom, and Karma.

Apart from films, Naseeruddin has also worked in 9 TV serials. He has proved his mettle in his acting with historical TV serials like Bharat Ek Khoj, Mirza Ghalib, and Param Vir Chakra. He was last seen in the 2022 film Gheeriyaan.

Awarded with 3 National Awards and Padma Shri

Naseer has received two National Awards for Best Actor for the films Sparsh and Paar, while he has been awarded the Best Supporting Actor Award for the film Iqbal. He has also been honored with 3 Filmfare Awards for his acting. At the same time, the Government of India has honored him with Padma Shri in 1987 and Padma Bhushan in 2003 for his contribution to the field of arts.

The name often remains in controversies

Naseeruddin’s thinking is a bit different. In such a situation, he is often in discussions about his statements. In 2018, he had said that ‘living in India now feels unsafe’, due to which he had come under the target of people. At the same time, when the Parliament of Religions held in Haridwar was in discussion, then Naseer described the history of the Mughals in India and their contribution as glorious, after which he came into the limelight. Similarly, once Naseer, while commenting on the law of love jihad, had called it a farce, even after this statement, people told him a lot of lies. He has also come into discussions by commenting on veteran actors like Rajesh Khanna, Anupam Kher, and Amitabh Bachchan. Currently, Naseer is busy shooting for several films including “Dog”.

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