Charu Asopa Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi 2022 With Husband Rajeev Sen Entertainment News

All is not well between Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and his wife Charu Asopa for several months. Both are going to get divorced soon. Charu often expresses pain by sharing vlogs on YouTube channel. Rajiv has also made many serious allegations against Charu, but even after all this, both of them celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi 2022 together. Both also shared photos on their respective Instagrams, due to which they have come under the trolls’ target. Users are saying that what is this drama going on between the two! Charu Asopa shared photos with husband Rajeev Sen and daughter Gianna on her Instagram account, wishing the fans a happy Ganesh Chaturthi. . In this photo, both are seen kissing their beloved.

Charu Asopa News: Now the pain of Charu Asopa has spilled, said – I can not tell what phase I am going through! Rajeev Sen shared the photos and wrote – Sen family! Rajeev Sen also shared photos with wife Charu and daughter Asopa on Instagram and wrote in the hashtag – #senfamily #ganeshchaturthi, wishing fans a happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Users said – what is the drama?

User comments on Charu Asopa’s post

The fans of Charu and Rajeev are very happy after these pictures surfaced. Commenting on the post, he wrote, ‘By the grace of Bappa, both of you will always be together.’ At the same time, some people do not understand what is going on. One user commented, ‘I don’t understand what the drama is, brother.’ Another user wrote, ‘Looks like we have been driven crazy.’

Charu Asopa: Charu Asopa put ‘Sen’ in front of the name, the truth of ‘Happy Photo’ with husband Rajiv became emotional

Charu and Rajeev will divorce soon

A few days ago, Charu shared a vlog on his YouTube channel. In this, she told that she alone is taking care of the daughter. She is able to survive only because of Gianna. She had also told that she has taken the decision to divorce her husband Rajiv Sen consciously. She was very happy when she got married, but something big must have happened, that’s why she is taking a divorce. Charu became emotional while talking.

Charu was trolled earlier too

Charu, Rajeev and their daughter Gianna

A few days back, Charu had filled vermilion in demand at a festival and dressed up like a honey-groom. Users did not like his style at all. The troll army used to say that if she is going to get a divorce then why is she doing all this drama. Charu later gave a befitting reply to it. He said that he is not divorced yet.

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