Bollywood superstars stop making movies – Prakash Jha sets up Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar’s class – prakash jha exclusive interview opens up about boycott trends and aamir khan laal singh chaddha failure

Prakash Jha is currently in the news for his next film ‘Matto Ki Cycle’, which is slated to release on 16 September. On this occasion, Prakash Jha talked about the film and Bollywood. In the film world these days the orgy of Boycott has been going strong. Here the audience is threatening to boycott the film stars and their films, while on the other hand top Bollywood stars keep saying something in between, which gives more air to this boycott. In the midst of all this, Bollywood’s top analytics are busy investigating what is the real reason behind the film’s boycott. Now filmmaker Prakash Jha has said many things in an exclusive interview given to NavbharatTimes, in which he has expressed his anger on the attitudes of Bollywood stars from Boycott to films and said that they need to change all this in time. Infact, he has also advised such few stars to stop working.

Prakash Jha said- There is a section which does not like some thingsPrakash Jha has said some things on the boycott trend dominating Bollywood these days. He said, ‘Whoever understands, whether it is an audience, a filmmaker or an actor, everyone who understands, says everything and everyone has freedom. Those who say that it should be boycotted is also freedom. I believe that whatever such things are with which the society is connected, then the opinion of the people will be different. Now if we made Gangajal, some people did not like it or if we made a kidnapping, then some did not like it. Similarly, some did not like films like reservation and some did not like politics. So there is a section who don’t like certain things and don’t even want to join them.’

Empty theatres, demonstrations outside cinemas… Crowd did not reach to see Laal Singh Chaddha in UP

He said- It is not that the film did not work because of Boycott, he further said, ‘What is the effect of Boycott in today’s time can be judged only when it is known that Aamir Khan would have made a film like Lagaan or Dangal, which is very Mukkamal would have been a film and it would have been a film worthy of everyone’s liking and you would have boycotted it. Meaning the thing was good but it did not work due to the boycott of the people. So we can say and its importance. Now you don’t even make things good and say that the thing is not working because of the boycott it is not so. People saw it right. Some people have come and seen it, what did so many people like about it? If it felt good, you would have come out and asked people to come and see more people coming.’

One has to think why this is negativity, but what should we do for that, Prakash Jha said, ‘Behind everything there will be negativity of a few people. Like I tell from my web series Ashram, there were some sections of people who got negativity after seeing it, but there were many people who saw it as a story, then the numbers were not ours. People should definitely pay attention to why this negativity is there, but what we should do for it, how much we will change, we should also be responsible for that. But I don’t have study about it, can’t speak with much confidence, can’t judge. Because when such a film will come which will be an amazing film and people will fail because of the boycott, I think it will not happen. Of course there will always be some people who will complain and they should be looked into. The film industry also has to pay attention to what we are making.

Laal Singh Chaddha’s demand for boycott, Aamir’s ‘mistakes’ created a ruckus?

‘ So the audience will say – Brother, done, we have an option’ Without investing in the subject, without the script without the story, the audience will say – Bhai Saheb, done, we have the option to see why should I waste money and time. The Hindi film industry has to pay this attention. Our Hindi film industry has become lazy and lethargic and it is very important for them to understand this.’ Prakash Jha said – these stars should stop acting He advised the top actors of Bollywood and said, ‘They should stop acting. They should focus on the story first. They should work on good scripts, good directors and good subjects. Those who are new, whatever they try to say, should not consider themselves stars that if I say yes to anyone, then my 110 crores will be confirmed. The rest will do your job. Till this thinking does not change, then it is the same that he will make 5 films in a year and his time will be spent on Kapil Sharma show, dance show and publicity. And now the public has understood, do whatever you have to do, if your film and story are not good then we will not watch the film.’

‘There are so many donkeys with corporates and brands, they go to them’ If so, the truth is that nothing will happen. It is important for them to understand that what will really work to entertain people and the challenge for all of us is to make such things and bring such things.

If the stars think that money is not going to bring the audience, then it is not so. What is going to happen is that the story is good, the production is good. You got money from somewhere and bought an actor from somewhere and think that he will walk, he will become a hit. Everyone has the same mentality.

‘We are copying South and they are copying dirty’ Prakash Jha told that he wanted to release his film ‘Matto Ki Cycle’ on OTT. He said, ‘The OTT people said that sir, this is a big dry film, it is an art film, I don’t know who will see who will not. Now that people have got the love of the trailer, then they are talking to us because they do not have any senses, they are unable to understand, they are unable to see. They want stars. This is our mentality and till we don’t change it, those who are not lyricists, not artists, people who are not intelligent, those who have got glamor and money have come in this industry. By showing their brilliance, they think that work will be done by this.’

‘Whether it is Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, everyone is copying’ he said, ‘South people work hard and work with new subjects. We are copying them and they are also copying dirty. Tell me whether such a big star be it Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, all are copying, so where are you. You don’t have guts, you don’t have wisdom or don’t understand what it is… So it is said that people change the governments, change the industry and they know everything. Regarding working with big stars like Saif, Prakash Jha said, ‘Then he worked with me as an actor and not as a star. He came, worked and he acted like an actor. Today he is not an actor, he has become a star. Today they also feel that Prakash Jha has a different way of working, he does not work with us. We have no problem, we have to work, we will make the exam, we will make the Dharmakshetra, we will make the mandate… we have the subject.’

‘Within 30 days he has to finish the work and leave because the second one has been committed’ He said, ‘I can’t work with the star culture of today and neither will they work with me, but I will do my work. I am not sitting because of them, no, they want bad people, they have to work only with director or writer. What did these OTT people do, how many products did they make which are worth watching. Made series one after the other, with whom did you work. What turnout did they do? Can’t name anyone except 2-4 shows within so many years. They are also bad, they need 2-4 stars and if you get a production house then do your work. We have not given or ashram, it is a subject related to the land, so do not bring a view, we had neither budget nor anything like that but you should put some other show in front of it. If you have that capacity then tell us. Not that I can never be wrong but my honesty will never be wrong. There is no honesty to work in our film industry, total business attitude has come. Make a project, a guy has become a star, I don’t know who has shown the way, he drags it, after that the picture is made, what is made, what is made, he has to finish the work within 30 days because the second has been committed . So things will be like this one after the other.

The film ‘Matto Ki Cycle’ releasing on 16th September, Prakash Jha also talked about his next film ‘Matto Ki Cycle’. He said, ‘My sympathies are with those half of India which are disappearing before our eyes. We have all seen and experienced their pain. Come and live with them once, it will be fun. He has a very sweet life. Matto is the story of how they find their happiness, how they live their life, how they face their dreams. He told that further work on web shows and films is also going on.

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