birthday radhika apte on casting couch in bollywood and south industry actor ask her to sleep

Radhika Apte, who is recognized for her excellent acting, has been in the industry for more than 17 years. Without any godfather, he has made a place in this industry on the basis of his talent. To reach this point, he struggled a lot and faced many things. Radhika is one of the few actresses who openly exposed Bollywood. Without hesitation, he exposed the casting couch and the abominations of the industry. Let us tell you about the revelations of the actress on Radhika Apte’s birthday, which will leave your ears bleeding. Radhika Apte was born on 7 September 1985 in Vellore in a doctor family. Radhika has done her graduation in Economics and Mathematics. Along with studies, he has also taken training in Kathak for 8 years. During dance, she also joined theater and her interest in acting started growing. In this way Radhika wanted to make a career in the industry. Initially he started with small roles.

great movies

He made his debut in the year 2005 with the Bollywood film Wah Life Ho To Aisi. Radhika had a very small role in this film. Then she went on to do back to back films. She appeared in many big films ranging from Shore in the City, Manjhi the Mountman, Badlapur, Parched and Badlapur.

When this disgusting thing was said to Radhika

Radhika Apte has told in many interviews that she has never been a victim of casting couch but she has experienced it. He had told that once he got a call, that person started saying that some people are making films in Bollywood and you too can go and meet him in connection with films. But you have to sleep with them. I laughed listening to that person, I told him that you go and tell those people that go to hell, I do not want to work with such people.

When the South actor misbehaved with Radhika

Just like this, once Radhika Apte exposed the famous actor of South in a talk show. Actress (Radhika Apte Instagram) told that I was shooting for the film. The actor came to him and started tickling his feet. Started tickling my feet. I got very angry at him and slapped him. I had never met or knew that actor. In such a situation, his action made me angry.

People do not speak openly on the casting couch because of the danger

Radhika Apte had openly talked about casting couch in the BBC documentary, while talking on the dark secret of Bollywood, she said that I want to give courage to those people who shy away from talking about this topic. People don’t think how important their voice is. How many people can benefit from his voice? But people shy away from saying anything because of the danger.

When a person asked Radhika Apte, should I give you a massage

Similarly, 37-year-old Radhika Apte also spoke openly about the MeToo movement. There is a power game everywhere in the industry as well. This leads to sexual harassment and sexual harassment of women. This happens everywhere. Maybe it happens in their house too. It happens not only with women but also with men. We all have to come forward and raise our voice against this, only then change is possible. We have to make awareness. Like once I got an offer for a foreign film. At that time I had a lot of pain in my back. I was on the elevator at that time and a man came next to me. Tell me that if you have pain, you can call me to your room anytime, I will give you a massage. That man was much older than me. I was shocked and said goodnight and I went to my room. All I want to say is that such an experience can happen anytime, anywhere.

Today this flower girl is Bollywood’s top actress, Ajay Devgan-Salman Khan did a lot of work, but Aaj Tak is a virginOpinion: I had to be there… Learn Bollywood from the South, only then will you know! Otherwise, these 5 absurdities will drown Radhika Apte’s marriage. Radhika married British musician Benedict Taylor (Radhika Apte’s Husband) in the year 2012. The two met in 2011. She tells that she does not have a single photo of the wedding because both were happily intoxicated and in such a situation they could not get both the pictures clicked.

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