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‘Bigg Boss’ is one such reality show, in which every year many different types of contestants come and give a dose of entertainment to the audience. There has not been a single season of the show in which there has not been a lot of ruckuses. Some have a little more and some less, but there is nothing that can be avoided. Today we have brought in front of you a list of such contestants, who did not hesitate to say anything to others. He not only abused in front of the camera but also said very bad things. Shahzad’s comment on LGBT In ‘Bigg Boss 14’, there was a fight between Shahzad Deol and Nishant Malkani during a task. The matter increased so much that Shahzad said something for Nishant, due to which Shahzad had to face trolling on Twitter. Shehzad had said a word related to the LGBTQ community, on which Rubina Dilaik later apologized to him. At the same time, Nishant called Shahzad a dog.

Shilpa Shinde: It took 3 years to return to TV even after becoming the winner of ‘Bigg Boss’, Shilpa Shinde told the reason why Jaan Kumar Sanu called Ejaz Khan ‘skeleton’ In an episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Jan Kumar Sanu Ijaz Khan was body-shamed and told him that his body looked like a skeleton. This happened when during the fight Jaan Kumar Sanu said that Ejaz would go out of the house very soon and he should not mess with them.

Rahul Vaidya Said ‘Chacha’ In an episode of Bigg Boss, Rahul Vaidya told Ejaz that ‘uncle don’t run, age is not good for him while making fun of his age.

Sonali Phogat: Sonali Phogat of ‘Bigg Boss’ did such a heart-wrenching post for her husband, will be moist eyes. Poor comments like ‘Gutter’ and ‘Shit’ While in the 13th season, Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz’s fights are all Will remember Both threw a lot of mud at each other. They even brought each other’s family in between. During a fight, Asim called Siddharth Shukla ‘gutter’ and ‘shit’, and Siddharth also pointed fingers at Asim’s father and said that Asim is his father’s biggest mistake. After this, Asim raged on this matter and abused Siddharth’s late father.

Shehnaz was said to be a ‘cow’ in ‘Bigg Boss 13’, there was an argument between Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Shahnaz Gill. Once there was an argument between the two, then Devoleena said to Shahnaz, ‘I should see the cow better than seeing you.’

Salman Khan: Salman used to take 2.5 Cr for Bigg Boss, but now he will take 1050 crores, know how the fees increased with every season. ‘Ki lizard’, on which Mahira was very irritated. Bhau made fun of not only Mahira but also Paras Chhabra and called her a ‘crab’.

Openly body shaming of women Now let’s talk about ‘Bigg Boss 11’. In that season, Priyank Sharma made objectionable comments on Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde, for which he was scolded badly on Twitter. Priyank Sharma told Arshi Khan that she works out in the gym as if she is doing Provoke. After this, commenting on the bodies of Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde, he said, ‘They have bodies like bulls. 70-80 kilos have become so eating here, we will perform the task.

Before Sonali Phogat, these contestants of ‘Bigg Boss’ died, some have a heart attack, and some committed suicide. In that season where he called Karanvir Bohra’s family ‘badtameez’, while Deepak Thakur was called ‘beggar’. Because of this Sreesanth also got trolled a lot.

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