​​Became the voice of Raj Kapoor but did not get the award for his films, so much love for music that he used to fast on the day of recording

Mukesh… in whose voice there was a pain in the mood but there was simplicity in the mood. Mukesh was such a singer who has sung the best classic songs in Bollywood, which are still in the hearts of people. Mukesh has sung hit songs like Jeena Yahan Marna Yahaan, Ekse Siva Jaana Kahan, Dost-Dost Na Raha. Mukesh has sung about 1300 songs in his singing career.

father wanted to become a civil engineer

Mukesh was born on 22 July 1923 in a Kayastha family in Delhi. He was the sixth out of 10 children of his parents. For his elder sister Sundar Pyari, a music teacher used to come to the house, then younger Mukesh used to sit away and listen to the songs. Since childhood, Mukesh was inclined towards music but his father wanted him to become a civil engineer. For this reason, when Mukesh completed his 10th standard, his father got Mukesh’s job in PWD. While working there, Mukesh used to record his voice. This habit continued to enhance his singing day by day.

Appeared as an actor and singer in the first film

Mukesh’s singing skills were first recognized by his distant relative Motilal. Actually, there was a program to sing at Mukesh’s sister’s wedding. On the insistence of some family members, Mukesh sang some songs of K.L. Sehgal. Motilal liked his voice so much that he went to Mumbai with Mukesh. After this, Mukesh worked as a singer and actor in the film Innocent. Mukesh’s first film was a flop, after which he started doing small things.

Had to struggle for the first hit song

After this Motilal gave Mukesh a chance to sing in the film Pehli Nazar. Motilal was seen as an actor in this film. The director of this film, Mazhar Khan had refused to include Mukesh’s song in the film. He believed that Motilal’s character was flirtatious and would not shoot a painful song on him. After persuading many people, Mazhar Khan agreed but he put a condition that if people do not like this song, then he will remove the song from the film. The film was released and people also liked Mukesh’s song, then from here the journey of Mukesh’s singing career started.

Mukesh was a big fan of KL Sehgal and he used to follow his style of singing. Naushad Ali was the person who told Mukesh to develop his own singing style. After this Naushad gave Mukesh a chance to sing in the film Andaz.

The best singer was found for the songs in the film Bobby

In the 50s, Mukesh sang many songs for Raj Kapoor. For this reason he was called the voice of the showman. Raj Kapoor started his acting career with the film Aag and some songs of this film were sung by Mukesh. Since then Mukesh and Raj Kapoor became good friends. In an interview, Raj Kapoor had told that if he is a body then his soul is Mukesh. The story is also that Raj Kapoor wanted Mukesh to sing songs for the film Bobby but Mukesh refused. He said that Chintu (Rishi Kapoor) is still young for the film and Shailendra Singh will be better than him for the songs of the film. Shailendra Singh had sung the songs of this film and those songs were also a hit. Raj Kapoor was very happy with Mukesh’s connoisseur.

Laga didi was given the first chance in the world of cinema

The credit for giving Lata Mangeshkar a break in the film world also goes to Mukesh. Actually, due to the thin voice of Lata didi, she was not getting a chance to sing in films. But when Mukesh heard his voice, he made Lata didi meet Naushad. After this Naushad gave all the songs of the film Andaz to Lata Didi to sing and from here he started getting success. Since then, Lata didi considered Mukesh as her brother.

Told his own song in front of the rickshaw

There is also an anecdote that once Mukesh went to Shirdi. There he left for Shirdi in a rickshaw. On the way, the rickshaw wala started singing a song of Mukesh. When Mukesh heard the song, he asked the rickshaw driver whose song you are singing. Rickshawwal said that this song has been sung by Mukesh ji. After this, in a funny way, Mukesh said that this song is also dirty and the voice of the singer is also bad. The rickshaw man got angry with this and asked Mukesh to get off the rickshaw. When Mukesh said why did he do this, the rickshaw man said that if you do not know Mukesh ji, then it does not matter, but how did you call him bad. After this Mukesh ji told that he is Mukesh. Being happy about this, the rickshaw driver had taken Mukesh to many places. In return, Mukesh gifted her a rickshaw.

Loved music so much that on the day of recording used to fast

It is said that Mukesh used to fast on the day the songs were recorded. He was so dedicated to the work that he used to take only water and hot milk till his recording was done.

Songs were also sung for Manoj Kumar and Dilip Kumar

After Raj Kapoor, Mukesh sang the most songs for Manoj Kumar. He lent his voice to songs for 20 films of Manoj Kumar. People believed that Mukesh’s voice was made only for Raj Kapoor, but he broke this illusion by singing the song of Dilip Kumar’s film Madhumati. All the songs of the film were hits. The song Suhana Safar from the film was one of Dilip Kumar’s favorite songs.

Got any award for any song of Raj Kapoor

The special thing is that Mukesh’s songs got the most popularity from RK Studio’s films, but he never got any award for songs from Raj Kapoor’s films. However, Mukesh was awarded the Filmfare Best Playback Singer award 4 times for the songs. Apart from this, Mukesh was honored with the National Award for the song ‘Kai Baar U Hi Dekha’ from ‘Rajni Gandha’ released in 1974.

After completing the recording of the song ‘Chanchal Nirmal Sheetal’ from Raj Kapoor’s film ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’, Mukesh went to the US to attend a concert, where he died of a heart attack on 27 August 1976.

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