Anupam Kher said – I am the biggest superstar at the moment, my films earned the most money

Anupam Kher is currently celebrating the success of ‘Karthikeya 2’. Anupam Kher is happy that while the condition of the rest of the films at the box office is slim at the moment, Anupam Kher’s two films in a single year have done wonders at the box office. Amupam Kher has said in a special conversation with NavbharatTimes- Meri toh nikla hai because two of my films are blockbusters.

Anupam Kher gave advice to the director for ‘Karthikeya 2’ Anupam Kher said, ‘The success of Karthikeya 2 is amazing. My character should be blind in the film, I said this advice 10 minutes before giving the director’s first short. On the spot I said that if there is darkness in the life of the person who is talking about light, then it will have more effect. The director sahib was not ready for this earlier, infact I also had to think about it, so we took a break of half an hour.’

Anupam Kher gave advice to Bollywood – Kashmir files were also boycotted, no need to cry over it

‘Started in 50 theaters and today is in 2500 theaters Kartikeya 2’ Anupam Kher said, ‘This film will run so much in Hindi and the way it started, which did not get any publicity, nothing happened, was in 50 theaters and today 2500 is in the theatre. Earlier its business was 56 lakhs and today its business is some 18 crores, so it was not expected. This happens in dreams and all dreams come true, I believe.

‘I am going to lose my mind because my two films are hits’ Anupam Kher said about ‘Karthikeya 2’, ‘What is the truth, it always connects the audience. And full credit for this goes to Chandu Mondeti, who has made it great. It respects the sensibility of the audience. The initial animation is amazing. Pointing to the director, he jokingly said, ‘Now it is going to be difficult for him if he does not take me in his film.’ Talking about the success of his film, he said, “I am going to lose my mind because two of my films are hits. He has also worked for 38 years, I have done 530 films. So it feels good. I can’t act right now sir what is mine, but no. Because I am very happy. I am the biggest money earning actor of this year. And I have come out, this is true. But that doesn’t mean that I should make fun of anyone. People immediately start feeling that lo, its mind has gone bad. It is not like that, everyone should celebrate their success. Anupam Kher targets Aamir Khan? Said – South people are not selling stars by adapting Hollywood

Said- Why don’t you remember the boycott of Kashmir Files? He further said, ‘In Hindi films, especially in Indian films, he is a hero, he is a villain, he is a character actor, he is a comedian, no that system will have to be broken. Only actors are important with the success of these two films. Anupam Kher also spoke on ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’. He said, ‘I don’t think boycott culture started from today. Ever since the films were made, some group of people always used to say that man if this film does not play, it is good. Why don’t you remember the boycott of Kashmir Files? The whole world tried to boycott him. Educated people, critics gave one star, people gave half a star, said it is propaganda film. The Chief Minister of the Assembly had said that watch it on YouTube. But the picture was good, touched people’s hearts and it reached them.

‘We have got 350 crores for an 18 crore film’, he added, ‘No boycott culture works for the success or failure of a film. The film goes on. Even those films of big stars are played whose content is good. Otherwise, one film of the same star does business of 100 crores and the other film does business of 10 crores, why does this happen. On the opposition of ‘The Kashmir Files’ for Oscars, Anupam said, ‘Everyone has the right to speak their mind. That is the beauty of our democracy. Let me tell you, what difference does it make? We have got 350 crores for an 18 crore film and that is a huge reward in itself. Some people also have jealousy, some people do not have a big heart. So they make small talk.’

‘What I got in Kashmir Files is 5 times less than my rate’ Anupam Kher also discussed the earnings of these two films. He jokingly said, ‘What I have got in Kashmir Files is 5 times less than my rate and when it comes to Kartikeya 2, it has a friendly appearance. I should give a little something from both the films, I am going to say through Navbharat Times that give me something brother.’ Then he said – no, no, I do not want anything like this.

‘Could not take it from The Kashmir Files because it is related to the heart’ When asked about increasing the fees, he said, ‘My fees have increased, but could not take it from The Kashmir Files because that heart And she has made guest appearances in it, but the love she is getting is more than crores of rupees.

Anupam Kherchandu Mondeti, who is a big superstar for the Telugu audience, said that ‘Karthikeya 3’ is also planned. Anupam Kher jokingly said that he will have to give a big role in the next film, see, even today I have to ask people for roles, to which the director said – you come with us, see how big a superstar you are for the Telugu audience.

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