Alia Bhatt said on the business of Hindi films: Nowadays we have become more Harsh, hits and flops will continue to be made

Actress Alia Bhatt has been surprised with her choices since the beginning of her career. Despite being a star kid and often a part of commercial films, he has done hard-hitting films like ‘Udta Punjab’ and ‘Highway’. Recording a hit film like ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ in the account and also decided to marry at the heights of the career. She has also knocked in the motherhood phase. Now today as a producer and actor, she is also bringing the film ‘Darlings’ with the production of Shahrukh Khan. His special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar on this-

When did I get the idea of ​​becoming a producer? I really don’t remember how it came. He just arrived. I think ‘Darlings’ came first. Then the idea of ​​becoming a producer came. Maybe there was a worm in my heart and mind. It’s time for me to become a producer too. I am thankful to director Jasmeet.

The film is based on the reaction of ‘like ko tit’? I would not say that it talks about reacting like that. Yes, there is a problem with Hamza and Badru who are playing me and Vijay. People are probably seeing a glimpse of that problem in the form of domestic violence. But here is also the story of the intention to fix or solve that problem. The film talks about the methods of that solution and the situations in which we turn our backs. A big thing has been done here that man should either change the situation or himself.

Shefali Shah is playing the role of your mother, what did you prepare for this role? I didn’t know this. I and Shefali did not stay together here. I think both of us should have taken leave and stayed together. Anyway, Shefali and I are very similar actors in this regard. We don’t get into method acting. We are both spontaneous. To be honest, we didn’t even act during the rehearsals. Both of us always used to do acting intake when the camera was on. I didn’t know what she was going to do in the scene or what I was going to do. Or the director did different one-on-one prep with all of us.

In what mode is your character in the film? Actually, when director Jasmeet and I met for the first time, she was very clear during the narration that there is definitely a message in the film. But if we tell the story in an entertaining way, it will have a much deeper impact. Especially the people who make you laugh, they will definitely make you cry too. So here we can give a beautiful combination of characters.

The audience will connect with his humor. Then become a witness to the characters’ journey and learn a lot from the characters. She wants to do Ditto to her husband as her husband did to her. What else had her husband done to her? In return, when my character did something, what were the results, for that people will have to watch the film.

Fewer Hindi films have done well at the box office since the Pandemic. According to you, what kind of films will work in the future? No one can ever tell that. I think we are becoming harsher about Hindi films. It has always been an understanding that some films will play, and some will not. Since we are coming after the pandemic, more talk has started happening whether this happened or that happened after the pandemic but it always happened. There were always hits and flops. This is the nature of this business.

Perhaps it has definitely happened that we have to give a very big reason to bring the audience to the theatre, that is, come. It happened because after the Pandemic too many jobs have gone, the pressure has increased. So if they are spending money on a ticket then they have to pay for it. I believe that the pictures which are good, they will run on any platform as well as in every round. After all, the audience is the king. That fate will decide.

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